by K. Swope of Predictem.com

What is rakeback? The original idea is difficult to trace but rakeback offers have revolutionized the way in which players can benefit from the time they spend at the poker tables across the internet. Numerous websites and groups have struck deals with multiple online poker rooms to allow players a chance to earn back a large portion of the money taken from each pot in cash games and tournament fees through rake. These offers differ between online poker rooms and often come with certain stipulations or rules that must be closely adhered to in order to reap the benefit of rakeback. As a whole most sites only return a portion of the rake that a player pays but will provide bonuses in form of private tournaments arranged particularly for rakeback players or free buy-ins to larger tournaments if you are able to play a specified number of hands in cash games or generate a specified amount of rake over a designated period of time.

Rakeback comes in all shapes and sizes. Two of the most popular forms consist of accumulated rake and contributed rake. Accumulated rake means that any hand a rakeback player is dealt into counts towards that players accrued rakeback total. These types of offers normally show the smallest percentage amount of returns to players and require large volumes of hands to be played in order to qualify for a return. Contributed rake is the most common among rakeback offers available. Contributed rake rewards a player with a percentage of rakeback from all money that player contributes to a raked hand. These offers give players a higher percentage return, usually between 20-35%, and do not require as difficult stipulations for receiving rakeback benefits.

The down side of becoming a rakeback player is that all online poker sites offer different forms of each deal and all sites will require you to follow their rules or face expulsion from the program. Some rules you may find require you to play at higher buy-in games to receive a higher percentage of rakeback. Some sites require that you must meet a hand quota each month to remain an active member, and still others will ask that you do not reveal your rakeback status while in any game. Other draw backs are that many sites that offer bonuses for playing in large amounts of sit n go style tournaments or give bonuses for being atop that sites tournament leader board will deduct any money you make in rakeback from the bonuses you receive. Also, if you receive a bonus for making a cash deposit on certain sites the poker room will deduct your rakeback from the money you would have received for your deposit bonus and yet some very strict sites will deny your chance at any type of bonus money for becoming a rakeback member.

Either way you look at these programs the pros and cons of becoming a rakeback player are based on the style of poker you play online. Usually cash players will benefit more from these offers but players that enter a large volume of tournaments may also want to consider some of the programs to save on tournament fees, but only through the power of the internet have such offers been achieved so take advantage of the opportunities available.

Poker Rooms Offering Rakeback Deals: