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Roulette: The 1st 12 Bet
by Jason Green of

One of the reasons that Roulette is such a fun game to play is because there are so many bets that you can place. There are both inside bets and outside bets. The inside bets that you can make in Roulette are betting on the 36 numbers that are on the wheel. The outside bets are betting boxes on the outside of the betting table. Some of the outside bets that you can make are odd, even, red, black, and one of the 3 “dozen’s bets”, one of which is the “1st 1-12 bet”.

When you bet on the 1-12 bet, you are wagering that when the wheel is spun that the ball will rest on a number that is 1-12. If you make the 1-12 bet and the ball does land on one of those numbers, you will win the bet and you will be paid out 2 to 1. You can make the 1-12 bet by itself or you can make it with various combination bets. Many times when people make the dozen’s bet of 1-12 they will also bet on some of the individual numbers of 1-12, so if they hit that number they will win both the number bet and the 1-12 bet for a significant payout.


When playing Roulette online it is a good idea to look for the European version of the game. In European Roulette there is only one zero, as opposed to two zeros in the American version. By playing the European version you will be getting better odds, as there is less of a chance of hitting a zero when there is only one of them. Therefore, if you make the 1-12 bet when playing European Roulette you are increasing your odds of it hitting. In European Roulette there is a house edge of 2.7% and with American Roulette there is a house edge of 5.3%.

Before you play Roulette you have to know what the table minimum and maximum betting limits are. For example, if the betting limit is $1 it means that $1 is the minimum bet that you can make, such as on the 1-12 bet. If the maximum betting limit on the table is $100 it means that $100 is the max amount that you can bet on one spin. You can bet the whole $100 on one bet, such as on 1-12, black, red, or any number to just name a few, or spread your bets around the table. However, $100 is the maximum amount of chips that you can have on the table on one spin.