Progressive Slots

Progressive Slots
by Jason Green of

Progressive slots will offer jackpots that will increase in size as more and more money is played on that slots game. The progressive jackpot can also be a part of a network of slot machines that will offer the exact same jackpot. These networked machines can be all from the same casino or a mix of multiple casinos. When multiple casinos are involved, the jackpots can run enormous in size.

They will all contribute a part of the play on their game to the total jackpot. Until it is the time that a player hits the jackpot the progressive jackpots for the slots game will keep getting bigger. The progressive jackpot will either top out at a level that was set beforehand by the casino or the jackpot will be won by a lucky player. After the progressive jackpot has been won it will be reset and the whole process will start all over again.

Progressive jackpots can happen at any time. The reason we mention this is because we once saw a guy hit one for $20,000 and then 2 hours later another guy in the same circle of machines hit one after the number had been reset to $1000 so he only won a tiny amount, however, he was happy because it was a $1 machine and he made a huge profit. It just goes to show that they can happen at any given time though.

The progressive jackpot will get bigger in proportion to how much the machine, or network of machines, is played on. After a big win on the machine happens the value of the jackpot will be reset to a base figure and then it will start to increase again. All of the huge prizes and big payouts that you see on the floor of the casino on the slot machines are because of progressive jackpots.

There are a few things that you should know before you start to play on progressive jackpot slot machines. First you have to pick between either standard slots games or progressive slots games. The decision you make will probably be made on why you are playing the game. Progressive slots will set some of the machines revenues aside, however these slots games will give small payouts, as well as less frequent payouts, in between. If you play slots in order to hit it big then you should be playing progressive slots. If you want to play for the most amount of time and do not have a lot of money and only are looking to have fun and maybe win a few dollars than you should play slots games that offer smaller jackpot amounts. These types of slot machines will, probably, give smaller payouts but you will win more often.

Some progressive slots that are stand-alone can be similar except for the jackpot total at that current time. You should always pick a machine that has the highest jackpot accumulation for machines that are the same. It is probably the case that these machines were reset at the same base level, and the machine that has the higher jackpot amount has been running for a longer period of time since it has been won on.

You should remember that if you are a fan of progressive slots that all the progressive machines require max coins bet in order to qualify for the big jackpot. Keep in mind that if you play on progressive machines you have made the decision to pass up on more frequent smaller profits for the shot at the huge payout so don’t get bummed out when your machine doesn’t pay off as much.