Slot Machines: Development and Play

Slot Machines: Development & Play
by Wilson of

Whats in a name?

Slot machines, also known as the one-armed bandits because of their sleek appearance and single sparkling lever which manage to steal all of your money, thus, the name bandit, have become more of a casino staple due to their popularity. They are incredibly easy to play.


When Charles Fey, of San Francisco, California marketed the Liberty Bell machine he finally found an easy way for people to recognize a winning spin. He also created the automatic payout which thrilled the players! The Liberty Bell consisted of horseshoes, diamonds, spades, hearts, and a liberty bell. Three bells in a row was the largest payoff at whopping ten nickels!

Feys Liberty Bell was so successful that he could not keep up with all the orders for them, and even after the machines were banned in his own state, people from all over wanted his product. What do they say about a successful business? Find something people need or desire and you will make money!


Show me the melons!

The Bally Company also created a simplistic slot machine which favored popular fruits by designing the reels with pictures of cherries, peaches, and melons. In 1964, Bally introduced the first independently operating electromechanical slot machine. The machine was named the Money Honey, and it had an automatic payout of up to 500 coins!


How do you win at a slot machine? That may seem like a silly question but not all people have visited a casino. Most slot machines require some type of matching combination in order to claim a victory. Usually the machines will have a legend or cheat sheet posted directly on the machine to help players understand how to win or what to look for while playing the game.

Video killed the reel star

The video slot machines have also hit the casinos by bringing more technology and variety to each game. The first video slot machine to produce a second screen bonus round was the Reel Em In which was developed by WMS Industries Inc. in 1996. Video slots have taken the lead over the traditional reel simply because they are more colorful, efficient (cost-wise) and offer multiple games.

Perhaps some of the most popular video slot machines are the video poker machines. Players can play at their own speed and up to one hundred hands at the same time! Wow, thats a lot of hands! Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and all the American-Indian casinos are flooded with these popular machines.

How do I get started on a slot machine?

Simple. If you are all fired up to play a slot then all you need to do is sit down, take a deep breath and feed the machine a coin or a bill. (if plaing online, substitute a credit card or money transfer) Most machines today will accept bills up to $100 in value. Its rare to find a machine that will actually allow you to insert coins as many casinos have jumped on board with the paper-only theory. I miss the excitement hearing the coins drop just before I pull the lever down! But what can you do? Its a sign of the times.

If you want to play online, simply check out our casino reviews page.

My advice regarding slot machineskeep reading, researching, and planning because if you dont you just might find yourself diggin for change under the car seat in an attempt to get one more pull! Luck to ya.