Slot Machines: Online vs. Land Based Casinos

Online Slots vs. Land Based Slots
by Jason Green of

The most popular casino game in the world is land-based slots. The slot machines pay out more money that all the table games in the casino combined. Can slots translate to the Internet? Many slots players think that slots can translate to Internet gaming and they have. Online slots have become the most popular Internet gambling game very quickly. This is partly due to the easy access to Internet Casinos and also due to the fact that the game of slots is an easy one to play.

Land-based casino slot machines have been digital for many years now, so the transition to Internet slots has been very smooth as the players are already comfortable viewing this style of machine. There are some people that are confused when they find out that regular slot machines are basically just a computer in the form of the classic look of a slot machine. Land-based casino slot machines are computer chip operated and have a random number generator that is built into the chip. The software for slots games are just hard coded onto the chips in the slot machine and works exactly like Internet slots. Because of this there is not a lot of difference between land-based slots games and online slots games, in terms of the odds of the game and how the game works. However there are still some differences between the two.

Land-based casinos obviously offer better sounds and flashy lights than online slots games. The online slots graphics are very advanced these days, which makes playing slots online not only entertaining but realistic as well. Of course with online slots you can’t reach out and touch the machine. This is the main difference between land-based and online slots games.

Online slots have benefits that are not obvious to many people. You can easily play slots from a comfy chair in your house or take a break to get something from the fridge. It is a little difficult to do this in a land-based casino. A lot of people like the fact that you can play online slots from the comfort of your own home and still have the excitement of the game. Also if you are playing slots online you can get up and take a break and other players will not take your machine.

Another good thing about internet slots is that it’s safer on your bankroll. You don’t have waitresses bombing you with drinks creating ill-advised decisions of hitting up the atm machine while you otherwise may not have, had you been sober like you will most likely at home.

One of the biggest differences between land-based slots and online slots is the way that will earn comps. At land-based casinos if you play for a significant amount of time you have a good chance to get a comp or coupon for such things as free hotel stays, free shows, or free food. Online Casinos that offer slots give rewards to their players in a different way. Considering that there is a lot of competition online, many online casinos are trying to get your business. This means that you can get comped by simply playing at the casino rather than how much time you play. Sign up bonuses are very common these days at online casinos and you can get significant casino credit, which you can use to get a bigger bankroll and play more, which can increase your chances to win with the more time you play. You can also get other bonuses, in the forms of money or prizes credit, each casino varies in what they offer.

Before you play, look at the bonus options and what you have to do to get those bonuses. Read the fine print as well, as many online casinos require you to play a certain amount and wait a certain time limit before you request a withdrawl. (Which is normal and put in place to avoid situations where players do a hit and run with the free money).