Slot Machines: Winning Strategies

Slot Machines: Winning Strategies
by Wilson of

The best thing to do when you make the decision to visit a casino is to know your strategy. Whether you are playing online or in a Vegas hotel you should be prepared for your session.

Lucks on your side!

If you believe in good luck then that is the best approach to have when you play slots. Hey, it works for Lady Luck; it can also work for you. The power of a positive attitude can go a long ways, just ask any athlete who has had their back against the wall and willed their way through a tough spot. Slot machines are definitely a lucky mans game, but there are a few simple strategies that may help you when you play the machines.

Bet within your budget

Go to the casino with a fixed amount of cash. All you have to do is take enough money to have a good time and the rest will work its self out. The casino will always be there, so dont think that you need to bring your entire savings account in an attempt to clean them out before they close down! Why do you think there are so many change attendants and cashiers booths everywhere? They want you to think that its normal to buy back in when in reality, thats the last thing you should consider.

Decide which slot machine is best for you

It depends on how long you plan on gambling, but lets look at three different denomination scenarios: If youre playing nickel slots for an hour at the average casino you can count on spending thirty dollars if you are only betting one coin at a time. If you are betting two nickels at a time it would be sixty dollars an hour. And three coins would likely cost you ninety dollars for one hour.

Now, if you go big and decide to play a dollar slot machine for an hour it will cost you approximately six hundred dollars for one hour given you only bet one dollar at a time. However, if you play correctly and play all three dollars per spin you could potentially spend up to $1,800!

Remember, this would be the amount that you actually pump into the machine to play. These numbers do not consider the difference of what you may win while you play. So, it really isnt that overwhelming if you look at it like a short term investment plan- of course it helps to win!

Hit it and Quit it!

Truly, the best advice I can give is to hit it quickly and boogie on out! I see so many people hit big pay outs and continue to play. This kind of gambling is insane! The sad part is that most of these winners are really losers because they know better than to stick around for the bandits to take all of their money and eventually their soul! The bottom line- the longer you camp out on a slot machine the better chance you have to fold your tent as a loser. Stop while youre ahead. I know thats easy to write and suggest but it needs to be your plan. Luck to ya.