Slots Myths

Common Slots Myths
by Bus Green of

In the casino game of slot there are many myths. You should be aware of them before you play the game. Here are some slots myths that you should know about:

Full coin slots machines, whether they are equal distribution ones or straight multiplier ones have a house edge that is lower than regular slots games. Any coin that is additional will be a multiple of the payback for a single coin. For example, 10 coins for 1 coin, 20 coins for 2 coins, and 30 coins for 3 coins.

A slot machine is going to hit or be hot since it has been cold for a significant amount of time and vice versa. On each spin the Random Number Generator (RNG) does not care if the machine has been hot or cold. The RNG will pick numbers at random that will match combinations that are predetermined that will show on the reels.

Slot machines run in cycles. You can break the machine, ergo break the bank, if you figure out the cycle of the machine. On slots machines cycles are not pre-programmed happenings. You can only see them because the game is random and you will think it is a cycle, but it is not. You cannot predict what is coming up on the next spin based on what has happened on the past spin or spins.

You can win at slots with a system. These days the returns on slot machines is generally between 85%-100%. This will depend on the game and the location. The house advantage for slots is around 9%. This means that, in the long run, for every dollar spent on a slot machine the house will get, on average, 9 cents. Just like with any other casino game you will run across people or advertisements that say that they have a foolproof system that will beat the game. There is no such system, as every casino game is a game of luck and only offers odds that are against you. There are some strategies that you can use in order to increase your chances to win, but there are no systems out there that will allow you to beat the game.


You have a better chance to win by pulling the handle rather than pressing the button. It makes no difference to the RNG if you pull the handle or press the button. The one thing that is true though is that you will lose less hourly by pulling the handle because it will slow down the game.

Casinos can alter the odds of a slot machine when you are playing on it. The main part of a slot machine is the computer chip that generates random numbers. The computer chip is put in the machine when it is made and casinos cannot change the payoffs of that machine.

By playing one coin at a time you will have more of a chance to hit the jackpot. The opposite is actually the case, as with most slot machines you have to bet the maximum amount of coins in order to get the jackpot. Playing the maximum amount of coins will increase the payout percentage significantly.