Slots: Payout and Operation History

Slot Machines: Payout and Operation History
by Wilson of

Coins & Cups to Gas Receipts!

In the early days of the mechanical slot machines people could simply insert a coin, and after a winning pull of the lever they could expect more coins to fall loosely into the tray attached to the machine. Ah, the sound of money falling from that greedy bandit was pure bliss for the ears of many a gambler! But what happened to that soothing get-rich quick confirmation of clanging coins?

Technology happened! Its true, our casino masters have conceded to the ultimate champion of the times- yes, technology has swooped down and ripped our slot cups from our sweaty one more quarter hands and replaced it with the equivalent of a gas station pump receipt!

The casinos didnt go straight from the coins to the paper. They experimented with the token as well, but ultimately decided that paper was the more cost effective maneuver. Come on, are casinos really hurting that badly that they need to rob us of our ching-ching-ching?

Personally, I miss those change cups that every casino designed for their patrons. I would take those cups home and use them as a reminder to go back. I dont take paper slips home.


Slot Exercise?

Are casinos catering to Americas obesity issue? Well, they eliminated the pull lever on most slot machines in favor of the non-eventful push button. Not only are gamblers missing out on the exercise of yanking down that one-armed bandit but now they will not burn as many calories if all they have to do is tap a resistant-free button! They say history repeats itself, well, in this case I welcome the repeat- give gamblers the right to pull arms!

Throwback for Affect?

OK, we know casinos are in business to make money, but they already have a great advantage. Do they need to speed things up so much that it takes away from the nostalgia of casino gambling? Not all casinos have given in to the complete dominance of technology, some keep a bit of the old school around to engage the old-timers. The push button slot machines are quicker and provide immediate results for both the player and the casino numbers crunchers. The time it takes to pull the old lever once, a player can push the button two or even three times, thus more money for the casino, usually.

Video Speed

The big technology influence with slot machines has been the transition from reels to video. Reels of course, the early product of the mechanical slot devices, were limited to a certain amount of symbols and payout lines. The video slot machines can payout up to a hundred different lines and posses other features such as bonus screens and multiple types of games.

Slots of Dreams

Just like the movie, Field of Dreams, if you build it they will come! People love that instant win, and they will continue to play slot machines no matter how much the machines have changed. The next time youre in a casino take the time to appreciate the history of these money-makers as they truly are the backbone of all casino gaming. Slot machines make up about 70 to 80 percent of all casino profits! Hey, you never know, you may find that retro machine thats been waiting for you to hit it big! Luck to ya.