Slots Playing Tips

Slot Machines: More Winning Tips
by Wilson of

The number one rule to remember if you are planning on playing slot machines is to have fun! If you go into a session of slot play with a serious, uptight attitude you will more than likely be miserable and disappointed at the end of your experience. You must approach slot play with the most open mind and attitude as it truly is a game of luck. However, if you pay attention to a few basic do’s and don’ts you will create even more luck in your favor. Let’s take a look at how you can incorporate some easy tips into your game.

Don’t ever play over your head. I always see people running to the cash machines or the cashier’s booth to get more money. Don’t be that person who drains their bank account so they can chase a wild dream.

Never count on winning big! If you go to Las Vegas, or if you are playing slots on-line you must know that there is no law that states you have to win. The chances of you winning a huge jackpot are really slim, but possible. Plan accordingly and set aside enough money to have a good time. If you win take the money and buy something nice or mail it home!

People will swear that a certain slot machine is hot or cold. Please understand that there is no way to know when a slot machine will hit, but you will hear all kinds of theories.

Hey, make sure you order quality drinks while you’re gambling. If the drinks are free, skip the Miller Lite and go with the Heineken! True story, I was in Reno at a certain casino and was denied a Heineken because apparently I was not gambling enough on each hand! I pulled out five C-notes and told them I was going across the street. Don’t put up with poor service.

Make sure you completely understand the pay table for the machine you are playing. Some machines can be confusing and even deceiving. The casinos usually carry hundreds of different machines, so study the pay table before you play. It’s also important to know how and when you are eligible for jackpots.

Do not play when you are tired or impaired! The casinos offer free drinks for a reason as they know most people will not turn them down and it will eventually affect their playing decisions. Slots are easy to play but you still need to be rested and alert.

Manage your money before you go. For example, if you are going to Vegas for three days to play slots you should break it down into different sessions. Your sessions can be once a day or consist of one morning session and one evening session. It’s a good idea to set a time limit and stick to it no matter if you are winning or losing.

Now, if you want to play slots for a longer session then you can alter your playing style by only playing one coin or credit for each spin. Yes, this goes against the golden rule of always playing the maximum amount of coins, but by playing only one coin at a time you will stretch out your session. I don’t recommend this approach especially on a progressive slot machine as you will be sick if you hit a jackpot on only one coin!

Playing slot machines is not rocket science but if you make a little extra effort to follow some simple rules and go in with a light hearted mindset you will definitely enjoy playing. Who knows, you may just hit it big! Luck to ya.