Slots Strategies

Slots Strategies are a Myth But You Can Increase Your Chance to Win
by Jason Green of

Just like for any other casino game of chance there is no slots strategy that will give you an absolute advantage over the casino. However, there are some things that you can do to give yourself a better chance of being successful.

Here are a few tips you can follow in order to give yourself a better opportunity to win:

1. Before you start to play slots take some time to read all the material that is posted about that specific slot machine. Some things that you should know before playing are winning combinations, payout percentages, the numbers of coins for the maximum bet, and the symbols of the game. Identification is an important skill when playing the game of slots. All slot machines should have the information posted around or on the machine.

2. When playing progressive slots you should always bet the maximum amount of coins, as that is the only way to be eligible for the progressive jackpot. Generally the payout percentages are lower on progressive slot machines than on regular ones, but you have the chance to really hit it big playing on progressive machines.

3. The more you bet the more you have a chance to win. However, if your bankroll you have will not support making the max bet then it is a machine that you should not be playing on. If this is the case move onto to a slot machine for lower stakes where you can bet the max amount.

4. Before you sit down for a slots session set a bankroll for that session. When you have a set bankroll do not exceed it, as it can cost you a significant amount of money. Set a bankroll at an amount that you will not mind losing, as you may just do so. If you lose you will be ok, but by not having a set bankroll or exceeding your bankroll are the ways that slots players can lose a lot of money.

5. If you play slots on a regular basis join that casinos slot club. As a member you can receive such things as cash back, comps for free hotel stays and food, comps on shows, and other various prizes. If you do join a slot club you should play slots at the one casino where you are a member of the slot club.

6. Never fall for slots strategies and systems. Slots is a game of luck and anything can happen. Many people have theories and think they have the way to beat the game of slots, but they are all myths.

7. When you hit is big when playing slots put away a good portion of your winnings and still play within your predetermined bankroll. This way even when your bankroll runs out you still leave the slot machine with money in your pocket.

8. Whenever you are done with your slots session always remember to press the cash out button. You would be surprised how many slots players forget to do this, while they still have credits on the machine.

9. Generally video poker slot machines will have a better payout percentage than regular slot machines. For more great info on how to play slots and slots strategies, check out

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