The History of Slot Machines

The History of Slot Machines
by Wilson of

Slot machines have been around since the 1800s; they were invented by a fellow named Charles Fey. The old-school slot machines ran strictly on mechanical operations. In todays high-tech world nearly all slots are operated and programmed by computers. No matter how much slot machines have changed they still serve the same purpose; to earn money for the casinos!

Slot machines are easily the most popular games in all casinos. Why do casinos have so many slot machines? There are two main reasons why casinos continue to carry so many slots: slot machines are easy to use and they provide immediate results, and the average casino advantage on slot machines is usually around fifteen percent. For example, if you invest $100 into a slot machine you can expect about $85 in return. This is a huge chunk of change for the casinos.

What ever happened to the classic one-armed bandits? Great question! Yeah, its a different era for the slot machine enthusiast as most slots dont even have a lever to pull down. The change over from mechanical to computer slot machines has all but erased the one-armed bandit. Todays younger generation is probably not affected by the change as they dont know what their missing. But those people born before 1980 truly miss the excitement and suspense of tugin on that shiny silver arm!

Not only have slot machines made the jump to computer programming but they have also eliminated the coins that used to fall into those coveted metal trays. Now this has been a major disappointment with slot players all over the world. Seriously, part of the fun of playing slot machines is that reward you get when you hit three sevens. Everybody loves to hear the sound of coins clinging at high speed into the tray. People used to gather around and cheer for winners, and a certain type of camaraderie was built within a group of slot players.

Now days slot players who win are all but invisible. Casinos have figured out yet another way to save money by using tickets to acknowledge winners instead of pumping out the barrage of coins that feeds the gamblers blood pressure. Personally, I hate the ticket system because it takes away a facet of the game that so many people love. Its almost like not allowing applause after your favorite team scores the winning touchdown or basket- silence!

The history of slot machines is a tale of changing times which can be both good and bad. Sure, they may be more efficient, and tamper proof, but are they more fun? I dont think so. The average casino dweller will always drop some money into the slots, but most players like to hear all the bells and whistles especially those darn coins falling into the tray! Shoot, most slots dont even accept coins anymore as most machines simulate a break room vending machine by sucking in bills from $1s to $100s! However, if you love playing the slots you will continue to find your niche even if the casinos have altered the experience. Stay tuned for more slot machine savvy articles. Luck to ya.

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