Soccer Betting Articles

Welcome to the soccer betting articles page where you’ll find articles written by soccer handicappers that are sure to increase your odds of beating the bookmakers!

These articles will contain everything from tips, strategy and advice on anything having to do with soccer handicapping/wagering. We’d hope that you find these articles useful and ask that you also bookmark the page and check back every month or so as we try to add to our collection of writes on a regular basis! Enjoy!

Point Spread vs. Moneyline – Jason Green explains the difference between betting the spread vs. the money line.

Understanding Asian Handicaps – Learn how to bet on football (soccer) matches using asian handicaps. Jason explains the +0.5, +0.25, +0.75 and more!

Understanding Soccer Betting Odds – American, Euro and British soccer/football betting odds all mean the same thing but all look completely different! Keith explains each format and how they work.