Soccer Betting Tips: Matches at Season’s End

Soccer Betting Tips – Matches at Season’s End

by Jason Green of

When it is near the end of the soccer season there is a trend that develops that can be pretty easy to see and it will have an effect on the matches. There will be clubs that have nothing to play for besides pride, as their place for the following season is already set in stone. This can make it so matches do not a have much of a competitive edge and this is something that soccer bettors have to take into account when wagering on late season matches.

Soccer matches that take place at the end of the season can really take a big chunk out of your monthly winnings if you are not careful and follow some simple rules. There are some matches that you simply should not bet on, some that you should jump on and some that may be ok to bet on but do not bet the house on them.


Matches that have a couple of teams that do not have anything riding on the outcome of the match are usually ones that do not see a lot of action, much less goals. These matches can often end up in a draw, as neither team really has any motivation. If you really want to take some juice on a game between teams that have nothing to lose, you should either bet on the draw or Under 2.5 goals. Players on teams that are not motivated by their team’s standings will not go full bore or take on full challenges for the ball, so why bet on matches like that?

However, there will still be some matches that the teams really have to get some points, therefore there is a lot of motivation for them to do well. This situation will mean that soccer betting rules are the norm. Do not deviate from handicapping games or looking at games when there are 2 teams that need to get points.


Another kind of soccer match at the end of the season is one where one team really needs the points and the other one has nothing to play for. What this generally means is that one team will really try hard to get 3 points with a win and the other one could not care less about what happens. This could even be the case if the team that does not care is at home. Motivation is big in soccer, but if a team has nothing to play for you should avoid betting on them. Matches like this are pretty simple to predict and they can be profitable for you. OK, so bookmakers know this too and you will not get good odds, but the chances of you winning a match betting on the motivated team will cash in more than not.

Teams playing for pride and only pride will tend not to do so well. This is not always what happens, but generally if nothing is at stake it is hard to try your hardest. Because of this make sure the team needs the point or points before wagering on them. If they do not, don’t wager on them. For example, let’s say Inter Milan already has the Italian A Series in the bag and in the 2nd to last game they play Lecce, which needs one win in their last 2 games to keep from being relegated. Obviously, Inter is the better team, but how motivated are they and how many starters will be playing? Stay away from big time favorites late in the season.

Motivation is the name of the game in late season soccer betting, as the more motivated a team is, no matter their standing in the league table, the more likely they will win.