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Is BetJamaica Sportsbook Really Back?

Aug 29, 2018 | Sportsbook News

Yesterday players received a blast-from-the-past email! It was from BetJamaica and signed by arguably the bettor’s all-time favorite online sportsbook manager, Scotty Johnson and his right-hand man, Herman.

The email seen below said: BetJamaica is BACK!

But is this really Scotty and Herman? To our knowledge a phone number is not offered. Upon examining the page source code, Predictem has found references to betDSI and sure enough, BetJam uses the same backend as BetDSI.

DSI recently went through a large transition. After being successfully managed by the Bookmaker Group since 2004, DSI has branched off on its own as an independent operation. Like most migrations there were hiccups and not every player who was used to the DGS Sportsbook Software has welcomed the new sports betting platform. If DSI has actually brought in Scotty Johnson and Herman back from what was thought to be a Kobe Bryant level of non-negotiable retirement, then DSI users should immediately enjoy a new level of customer service.

Predictem will Update this report as news unfolds.

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