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by | Last updated Aug 16, 2021 | Sportsbook News

Predictem maintains a live Sportsbook Bonus Guide, where we monitor and list changes in bonus percentage, maximums allowed, and wagering stipulations. Keep in mind that these sportsbook rankings are listed in consideration of only the bonus offers. To view sportsbooks by category and find the best overall sportsbook for your betting style, check out the Predictem Best Sportsbook Guide.

Bovada Sportsbook – some rising key numbers

Bovada has increased its maximum awarded bonus from $250 to $500. A Bovada sportsbook bonus is always popular due to it being one of the few books that still offer cash bonuses as opposed to free-play bonuses. (Cash is in your balance immediately whereas with a free play you must win before the win amount is added to your balance.)

However, Bovada also increased the roll-over (play-through) from 5x to 10x. That’s a lot for someone who was considering depositing $500 to get $250 only a week ago. Still, Bovada is one of the best sportsbooks and most players are coming in to bet football, not cash-out a bonus in one weekend. Bovada’s bonus will move from our #1 overall spot to #2.

Note: For more Bovada free cash, skip down to the bitcoin bonuses below. We list a 50% bitcoin bonus for people who have already had the main signup bonus.  Players can still get this promotion after the general signup bonus if it is their first bitcoin bonus. You can see more about these bonuses below. They essentially equate to a second signup bonus for those who are open to using bitcoin or other crypto coins.

BetOnline &

Both betting sites, which are from the same parent company, have lowered the maximum allowed on their 50% free play bonus from $2500 to $1000. This is common after NFL week 1, the biggest sportsbook sign-week of the year, is over. Think of it like the sale before Christmas in the sports betting world.

Youwager Sportsbook

Youwager has increased its bonus percentage from 50% to 100% and its maximum bonus awarded from $500 to $1000. This change actually happened right before the NFL season and it remains on offer, likely until week 4 or 5 of the NFL season. These increases will move Youwager’s bonus up two spots on our bonus board.

Bookmaker – All In on bitcoin

The sportsbook has decreased its first time signup bonus from 25% to 15% for all general deposits. However it has a 25% bitcoin-only deposit bonus you can use after the initial first time 15% deposit. In the past a second deposit bonus would be what the book’s call “reload bonuses” where the player needs to lose the first bonus and reload his bankroll. However with these first time bitcoin bonuses the player essentially gets more free money. For example, a player can deposit via credit card to max out the general signup bonus and THEN instantly make another deposit in bitcoin to further his bonus take.


More bitcoin Sportsbook Bonus Deals


Intertops bitcoin Bonus 100%

Intertops Sportsbook has a massive Crypto-currency 100% CASH bonus up to $1000. It has only an 8 time play-through requirement and no freeze on winnings before withdrawing funds. A player who hits 50% on his or her wagers will come out well ahead essentially making this bonus one of two on our list that legitimately equates to free money.

Literally, this is an advantageous offer for any non-gambler or even a non-sports fan. Any of our mothers who could click a mouse 28 times wins on this deal. So, all those crypto-currency moms out there… come get your free loot.

Bovada 50% Cash Bitcoin Bonus

Number two overall on the bitcoin-only bonus list is Bovada Sportsbook’s 50% cash. Its the same bonus mentioned above for all methods with one exception, the rollover is only 5x. This is another bonus where you come out ahead just by coin flipping at a 50% rate. But again, the best part of this bonus is if it is used AFTER the general signup bonus. Here’s why…

Let’s say you you are browsing the bonuses at Bovada and you say hmm, I want the better bonus and I do have bitcoin. I have $1000 to deposit so I might as well get the one with the lower play-through requirement! You kick Bovada’s Bobutt, withdraw, and enjoy the spoils. A few weeks later you want to play again and look for a deposit bonus. Well, your bonus days are over unless you lose those initial winnings back and who plans on doing that? Now, if you took the general signup bonus first and THEN came back with bitcoin, Bovada would have bonus’d you again for the fact that you are willing to try bitcoin.

As mentioned, Bookmaker’s 25% CASH bonus is still alive and well in their bitcoin promo section. It edges out Sportsbetting & BetOnline’s 50% Free-play on the bitcoin bonus list because A) it has a $1000 max versus the $500. Bookmaker’s bitcoin bonus does not have a 30 day hold whereas Sportsbetting and Betonline does. Bookmaker’s bonus is based on the risk amount meaning that if you bet $1000 to win $100, you get $1000 towards your roll-over play-through. If you do the same at BetOnline and, you only count the lesser which in this case is $100. Betting huge favorite moneylines at books that count the lesser of risk/win is not a good strategy if your goal was to be eligible for withdrawal. Still all these bitcoin bonuses are essentially additional bonus opportunities from the same highly respected sportsbooks.

You can see all this daily updated information in list format in the Predictem Bonus Guide.