Sportsbook Odds for Game Of Thrones: Who Will Rule?

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Game of Thrones: Who Will Rule Westeros?

By Mike Mann,

One of the all time best sportsbooks is offering odds on one of the best TV shows of all time. Game of Thrones is still months away from mercifully being back on the air. But, fans can get in on some early GOT action at Bovada Sportsbook. Bovada is taking bets on “Who will rule Westeros at the end of Season 8?”.

Bovada Wager Rule: “The Wager will be settled based on the confirmed ‘King’ or ‘Queen’ of the Andals and the First Men. If there is no King or Queen, whomever rules or controls King’s Landing will be deemed the winner.”

Below you will find a rundown of all the major contenders and their betting odds for who will rule Westeros at the show’s end! But before we hit the odds… Here is our favorite theory from reddit poster spirgnob…

“White Walkers begin marching on Northern cities and destroying them one by one. When they approach Winterfell the decision is made to abandon the castle and head for King’s Landing. When the gang gets to KL Cersei turns on them and will not allow them in the city. After Jaime fails to negotiate with Cersei he returns and leads the siege on KL. The dragons are unleashed and one dies in battle. Upon reaching the red keep the mountain and the hound fight it out for a bit before Arya lands the killing blow, saving the hound. Jaime kills Cersei. Jon and Dany marry and are now king and queen. Dany delivers a baby boy.

Bran explains that the boy is the prince that was promised. The walkers made a pact thousands of years ago that when the prince arrives he would be promised to the night king/walkers. Jon and Dany agree that they will not give the child up. The walkers arrive to KL and Dany rides Drogon into battle. Drogon dies. Dany is taken captive by the NK. Jon is faced with the dilemma of giving up their child or losing Dany. He chooses the child and Dany is killed (completing the forging of lightbringer losing one dragon to ice water, one to the heart of a lion/Lannister and being forced to sacrifice his true love). Jon leads a last rally attack and defeats the night king in one on one combat.

So I like Jon, Sansa (in case Jon refuses the throne or dies in combat), Tyrion, Jaime, and Varys because +7500 odds are fat af.”


Daario Naharis (+10000)

The former pit fighter and member of the Second Sons was last seen getting dumped by Daenerys before she left for Westeros. If this was a Battle Royale or Hunger Games type contest he would be a lot better option. He is one of many to get Bovada Sportsbook’s longest odds of 100 to 1.

Sandor “The Hound” Clegane (+10000)

Left for dead by Arya, the Hound is thankfully back and odds are also available on who will win in the inevitable match-up between him and the brother who burnt him as a child, the now near zombie Mountain. It is already one of the most anticipated showdowns and should be one of the legendary battles of the final season.

Gilly (+10000)

Daughter of the Insane and incestuous Craster, Gilly was since rescued and is now alongside Sam Tully. She is as nice of a person as she is intellectually limited…She would be at even worse odds if this were a spelling bee.

Yara Greyjoy (+10000)

Fierce warrior and brother of Theon, Yara is currently being held prisoner after being captured and gifted by her uncle Euron. Her brother who cowardly did nothing to stop her capture is now leading the charge for her rescue, not the most ideal starting position if you are going to rule the kingdoms.

Davos Seaworth (+10000)

Has earned the title of right hand man to Jon Snow, essentially his vice-president, after helping to get him resurrected and then going on to proclaim him King of the North after the retaking of Winterfell. A lot of people need to die before the throne falls to him.

Tormund Giantsbane (+10000)

Arguably the toughest ginger of all time, Tormund is one of the former leaders of the Free Folk who has since teamed with Jon Snow. He fell for Brienne of Tarth, which if pursued could result in the most battle ready infant of all time.

Brienne of Tarth (+10000)

The previous capturer of Jamie Lannister and protector of Sansa Stark, Brienne is now aligned with Jon Snow and the North in their quest against the White Walkers. Too ancillary of a character to have serious throne intentions.

Bronn (+10000)

A smart warrior who has past helped Lannisters Jamie and Tyrion, both of which are strong examples at how well skilled Bronn is not only on the battlefield but even more so with aligning himself with the right people.

Jorah Mormont (+10000)

Jorah was able to come back from Greyscale disease after being cured by Sam Tully, but it’s his obvious love for Daenerys that will likely lead to his eventual demise.

Jaqen H’ghar(+10000)

Arya’s former trainer member of the Faceless Men of Braavos, Jaqen is a capable adversary but considering he often hides in the shadows he isn’t likely the type to have his eye on the throne.

Melisandre (+10000)

Known as ‘The Red Woman’, Melisandre revived Jon Snow from the dead and believes him to be a prince. She also believed burning a child at the stake would help in battle so her judgement will always remain in question.

Theon ‘Reek’ Greyjoy (+10000)

Theon is the first of two castrated entries. Considering his consistent cowardice throughout the scope of the show it seems safe to assume his ability to win the most coveted chair in the land is severely limited.

Samwell Tarly (+7500)

The most relatable of all the male characters, Sam is a genuinely good person who consistently looks out for others. Since this isn’t a network sitcom, he likely has no chance of winning.

Varys (+7500)

The second person on the list with no genitals and as such known as The Eunuch, Varys is a sly behind the scenes manipulator who is well versed in the GOT political game playing.

Gendry (+7500)

The bastard and unknown son of the House Baratheon, Gendry is the last known living member of his lineage. He has survived seduction by Melisandre and being sent away in a rowboat despite not knowing how to swim. Anything is possible.

Euron Greyjoy (+6600)

Uncle to Theon and Yara, Euron is now the Commander of the Lannister Fleet after gifting Ellaria and Tyrene Sand to Cersei. Considering how over the top his contemptible manner is much like Joffrey and Ramsey before him, it would be a great surprise if he didn’t end up falling in some sort of horrible death.

Sansa Stark (+2500)

Lady Sansa has the clear political acumen to be a viable throne possibility, especially after acting as essentially the Queen of the North while Jon Snow was away as well as her diabolical handling of Petyr Baelish’s betrayal.

Jaime Lannister (+1800)

Trouble is brewing between Jamie and his Cersei, his twin sister that he also has an incestuous relationship with that has resulted in three of her children. He is the odds on favorite to be the one to eventually take out Cersei. Unfortunately there seems to be many other contenders and battle landmines in front of him to eventually take over the throne.

Arya Stark (+1600)

The wily youngest daughter of the Stark family, Arya can never be counted out of any situation thanks to her faceless ability as a deadly assassin. The main drawback to investing in her chances would be her general dislike of anything political and the game playing necessary to succeed on the throne.

Cersei Lannister (+1400)

The most awesomely evil matriarch on television since Tony Soprano’s mother, Cersei has been on a reign of terror ever since her infamous walk of shame. She is also the only character who has odds on who will end up killing her, so Cersei’s chances for eventual survival to win the crown seem realistically limited.

Tyrion Lannister (+1200)

The diminutive fan favorite has fair odds from the sportsbook considering just how well versed he is in the game itself and how many times he has managed to outmaneuver his way out of certain perish. Those foolish enough to doubt his abilities have been proven wrong so many times over, it would be wise for the casual bettor to ignore that trend and back the legendary Tyrionn.

The Night King (+1000)

Game of Thrones has never had an issue with evil triumphing over good, and it would make logical sense that the most dominantly wicked person in the land that heads easily the largest army would have a significant chance of settling down on the chair of swords to end the series. At 10-1 he carries the best betting value of any of the ‘bad guy’ options in the group.

Bran Stark (+400)

The new Three-Eyed Raven, Bran now has second sight ability to help against the White Walkers. This unfortunately paints a bulls-eye on his back, though it may not matter anyways for this wager as he doesn’t seem to have any sort of care when it comes to playing for the throne. Instead he seems intent to continue talking with the emotional range of Lily on Modern Family.

Jon Snow (+225)

No longer the King of the North, Snow chose to bend the knee to Daeneyrs and is now set up to battle the Whitewalkers as the main event in season 8. If giving this little odds, I would rather go with his aunt/lover up next to take the title.

Daenerys Targaryen (+220)

Once said, “I was born to rule the Seven Kingdoms, and I will.” The Mother of Dragons definitely has the drive to win and with her storyline always pointing in this direction it’s easy to see why she is the odds on favorite.


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