Action Points

One of the most exciting ways to bet on sports is to do so by using action points. The reason it makes the betting so exciting is because every single point factors into how much you stand to win or lose on the wager.

First you set a “cap” on the game. In NFL games, the minimum you can bet is one point and the max is 15. Once you decide on how many points your going to select you then decide how much per point you’d like to risk. Your sportsbook will likely have a cap on this as well. Once you’ve decided these two variables, the book will deduct your total potential loss and freeze those funds until the game is over.

If your confused, basically what we’re doing here is making a bet and hoping that it will beat the spread. Each point that it beats the spread, you will win your designated amount that you chose PER point. Conversely, you will lose x amount per point that it loses to the spread.

Let’s take a look at an example of a football game bet using action points.

Let’s say the Colts are -7 against the Bears. You want to bet on the Colts using action points. You set a cap of ten points at $100 a point. (The minimum is usually $10 at most books that carry this wager)

Let’s say the final score is Colts 41, Bears 28. The Colts beat the spread by 6 points so you would be awarded 6x $100 for a total profit of $600.

Let’s say the Colts didn’t cover and the final score was Colts 41, Bears 38. You would have LOST to the spread by 4 points meaning you would have to pay the book 4 x $110 for a loss of $440.

We really like to utilize this type of bet when we’re on an underdog that we think is going to win straight up.