Monster Teasers

Monster Teasers
by Staff

Are you a good handicapper and bettor who is constantly losing games by a half point? One point? A few points? We know the feeling. AGGRAVATION!

If so, you may want to consider betting teasers instead of straight bets (picking one team against the spread).

What’s a teaser you ask? A teaser is kind of like a parlay, a wager where you have to pick 2 or more games correctly against the spead. The difference between the parlay and teaser is that the teaser allows you to “move the point spread” by either taking away points from the favorite or adding points to the underdog line.


Under normal circumstances, most online sportsbooks offer teaser bets of 5 through 7 points. Here’s an example of a 2 team 7 point teaser:

Minnesota Vikings +3
Green Bay Packers -3

Tennessee Titans +6.5
Pittsburgh Steelers – 6.5

Let’s say in the first game you like the Packers. By applying a 7 point tease to the Pack, you are moving taking their line of -3 and subtracting 7 points from it which makes the packers a +4 point favorite now.

In the other game, let’s say you like the Titans. When you tease the bet your adding 7 points to +6.5 which means you now have Tennesse +13.5.

Looks so easy doesn’t it? The catch is these wagers don’t pay anything like parlays do. In a parlay, your betting the regular point spread on 2 or more games and getting juicy odds if they both hit.

In the teaser, you’re moving the spread a signifacant amount so in a two team 7 point teaser your likely risking $130 to win $100 (-130).

Ok, now that we’ve made doubley sure that you know what a teaser is, let us introduce you to the monster teaser.

The monster teaser is usually offered in the forum of a 4 team, 13 point teaser. This means you have to bet 4 games and get to move the line 14 points on each game.

Now finally, the reason we created this article was to show you that “all teasers are not created equal”. We introduce to you 5 DIMES SPORTSBOOK where you can place:

14 team teasers
15 point teasers
17 point teasers
20 point teasers

A 20 point teaser seems almost impossible not to win. Imagine getting to take a 7 point dog and add 20 points to it giving you a line of +27!

Each monster teaser has a minimum amount of games you have to play in order to take advantage of the wager. Enjoy!

See our review of to learn more about what they have to offer.