Betting pleasers is one of the most exciting forms of sports wagering. A pleaser bet is kind of like a teaser in that your choosing the amount of points you want to move the line and tying games together like a parlay, EXCEPT you are moving the line out of your favor instead of in your favor. These bets can be made on football or basketball games only.

Sportsbooks offering pleaser wagers:


Here’s an example of a 2 team 7 point pleaser:

Your looking at two games which regular point spreads are:

Seattle Seahawks +3
Minnesota Vikings -3

Chicago Bears +4
Indianapolis Colts -4

Let’s say you like the Vikings in the first matchup and you like the Colts in the 2nd matchup. A two team seven point pleaser would move the spreads to:

Minnesota -10
Indianapolis -11

Both would have to cover these spreads in order for the pleaser wager to be deemed a winner.

Conversely, you could have taken Seattle and the Bears and had a bet with Seattle -4 and Chicago -3.

Since your making the bet harder on yourself and decreasing your odds of winning, these bets are obviously going to pay MORE than a parlay would. In the case of a two team seven pointer, the payout is 8-1 rather than the standard parlay payout of 2.6 to 1.

Let’s look at an example of a 7 point pleaser payout: (Each book offers it’s own offers relative to how many points your able to move the line)

7 Point Football Pleaser (ties push)
2 teamer 8-1
3 teamer 25-1
4 teamer 60-1
5 teamer 150-1
6 teamer 450-1
7 teamer 700-1
8 teamer 1000-1
9 teamer 1350-1
10 teamer 1750-1

In basketball, a 4 point hoops pleaser would pay:

4 Point Basketball Pleaser
2 teamer 4-1
3 teamer 8-1
4 teamer 20-1
5 teamer 50-1
6 teamer 100-1