Sportsbook Withdrawals

Ok, so you’ve won a few bucks and your looking to pull your funds out and take a vacation. How do you get your money out of your sportsbook account? There are many ways, some faster than others however it may be spendier to do so. We should also note that there’s usually a minimum amount that you must w/d, usually $50 or so. Let’s examine the most common methods of withdrawal.

Cashier’s Check via Courier: Most online sportsbooks will offer to send you a check, free, once per month. Following withdrawals are likely to fall into the $30-$60 range. Don’t be overly discouraged if your book doesn’t offer a free w/d, we’re simply saying that SOME offer this. It does indeed cost money so you should be prepared to cover the cost. The most common couriers delivering these checks are: FedEX, UPS and DHL. Often times you won’t have a choice or even know what is being used until you either receive a tracking number via email or the driver shows up at your door.

Bankwires: This is a super quick option and often times you can have money in your bank the same day. This process has become a bit slower over the past year but it’s still the fastest in which to get a transaction taken care of. The cost of these are usually $25 or so from the book and your bank is likely to charge you $10-$20 for receiving the wire as well.

Check by Mail: While this is the cheapest method to cashout, we don’t recommend this unless your really patient. It’s not uncommon for a snail mail cashout to take 2-4 weeks and even longer depending on what country your payout is coming from. Not recommended but if your patient, its cheap!

Moneygram: This is an ultra quick way to make a w/d however its SPENDY, especially if your looking to cash out large amounts. Moneygram’s fees increase as the numbers get bigger and it ends up really taking a chunk out of your winnings. Not recommended unless you need your cash FAST.

Moneybookers, book to book transfers, Firepay, Neteller, Solidpay, MyCitadel and others may also be options for non American account holders.

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