How to Get Superbowl XLIV Tickets

How to Get Superbowl XLVIITickets

By Wilson of

Most people only dream about actually attending a superbowl game but what if, just what if you could say that you were there for the big game? Man, wouldnt that be awesome? Ok, so we all know that most people who get to sit in person and watch the superbowl inside the stadium where the game is actually being played are usually either really wealthy, have great connections, or are part of a corporate group.

However, there are some ways that regular Joes like me or any other hard working stiff who has a dream of taking in the Holy Grail of all football games can indeed get a ticket. How? Well there are a number of differing avenues to take but lets take a look at the most common transactions towards obtaining a Super Bowl ticket

First, I know this sounds funny but you can write a letter to the NFL requesting Super Bowl tickets. The way it works, apparently, is to send a letter between February 1st and June 1st for the upcoming seasons superbowl game. Once they have received your letter they will note the order and act accordingly. Heres how it works:

Write the letter and place it an envelope and then mail it using certified or registered mail only. Send it to:

Super Bowl Random Drawing
P.O. Box 49140
Strongsville, Ohio 44149-0140

NFL, Super Bowl Game
280 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10017

Go back home and patiently wait for a response from the drawing committee. All of the letters that qualify go into a random drawing. The winners of letters that are drawn will have the opportunity to purchase two superbowl tickets. They only allow one entry per address so dont kill a bunch of trees by sending a million letters as they will disregard all but one. However, you might get away with sending one letter to each of the following addresses. Good luck.

If youre not lucky enough to score an opportunity to buy some superbowl tickets from the NFL then maybe you can win some for free. Every year a plethora of businesses both online and on land offer contests and sweepstakes in which fans can win free tickets to the Super Bowl. Here are some of the companies that typically offer these contests.

Snickers: (EXPIRED) Yes, we all love a good snickers bar from time to time but now if you look for specialty marked bars you could win a trip for two to the 2010 Super Bowl game in Miami. You can find and enter the contest online at and the contest is actually titled Be a Super Bowl Chompion which is only fitting. This contest ends December 15, 2009 and you must be at least 13 years old to enter.

Buy from Ticket Brokers: This is the easiest way to get tickets but be prepared to hand over a wad of cash and your first born. Even a nose-bleed seat for the 2012 game STARTS at over $2500. One site is reporting that the average ticket price is over $3400! It’s said that the going rate for a 50 yard line seat is around 16K and suites are going for 600k. If you’re still interested in going this route, the BEST ticket broker to go through is

Check with your local Travel Agent: Yes, some travel agents offer packages that include airfare, hotel and a ticket. We’ve heard this proposition will run you around $5500.

Well, you can always find your way to the game and look for a ticket from scalpers but then youre looking at serious big bucks! Please do not go this route! Fraud runs rampant this time of year. Trust us, we know a guy who got the shaft!

The experience of going to a superbowl will always out weigh the bottom dollar or the missed work. But wouldnt it be nice to go for free? Here at we are just a bunch of guys and gals who appreciate sports- period, but if we can help another die-hard fan find a way to live a dream well do our best! Good luck with your quest for Super Bowl tickets no matter what road you may travel. There are certainly more routes to take, so search high and low and we hope you get to the big game. Luck to ya.