Janet Jackson Superbowl Wardrobe Malfunction

Janet Jackson Superbowl Wardrobe Malfunction
by Wilson of Predictem.com

Do we all remember the exciting halftime show when the lovely Janet Jackson showed off her bare breast? Yes, it is one of the most infamous events to ever take place during a superbowl halftime show. The big question is how could something like that happen? Lets review the incident as many who “missed” this debacle are eager get the skinny and hear the details.

Superbowl XXXVIII in Houston, Texas was the setting for the often referred to Nipplegate in which Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson performed. The February 1, 2004 superbowl halftime show soon developed into a nude peep show as Timberlake apparently brushed back part of Jacksons wardrobe and the result was a brief but very revealing view of Janet Jacksons bare breast.


As an avid sports fan I have argued for years that the superbowl halftime show should simply consist of previous superbowl highlights, and maybe some inspiring behind the scenes stories about former players. Why ruin a perfectly awesome event by junking it up with celebrities who line up for some obvious exposure; and in Janet Jacksons case, ultimate exposure!

Thats right; the halftime show needs to be all about football. The greedy networks and big-time businesses should work harder to find a better way to tie into football. People not fortunate enough to attend a superbowl in person really dont want to sit in their living room watching a washed up celebrity ruin a great sporting holiday. What a buzz killer as well.

Now I appreciate a beautiful woman as much as the next guy or gal but there is a time and place for viewing a bare breast and its not on national TV with my children looking on. I believe the superbowl halftime show on the field should go back to the traditional high school band performance mixed with a plethora of fan competitions. The fans at home would like that as well as football bloopers, greatest plays, and biggest upsets. Isnt it time the real football fans had a say in what goes down during the superbowl? After all, we are the people who support the teams all season long by purchasing overpriced tickets and airport-like priced food so we can enjoy a game that we truly love.

It is sad when people dont remember who played in the superbowl because some rebounding pop singer decided to flash one of her fun bags. What used to be a sacred annual halftime show has now been reduced to a what will happen next circus act. One of Janet Jacksons most famous songs was titled Control, isnt that ironic? She needs a follow-up song titled out of control as that only seems appropriate in this case.

The point Im trying to make is simple- let football be football! Football fans want to focus on the game and all of the aspects surrounding the teams, players, and the history. If Janet wants to show the world her goods she should steal page from her sister Latoya and do a Playboy shoot.

If you are a serious football fan and enjoy placing some wagers on the superbowl check out Betonline and get into all the action. Hopefully this years superbowl will be more football fan related and less B-movie inflicted.

Remember, the true NFL fans are the fans who support the actual game of football, not the halftime freak show that has people wondering if they are at some run-down Vegas peep show flanked with smoke and streamers.

Please enjoy the superbowl this year!