Super Bowl XLVI Props

Super Bowl XLVI Prop Bets (at 5Dimes Sportsbook)
by Gary, NFL Handicapper,

5Dimes has a plethora of Super Bowl 46 proposition bets including the standard type props such as coin toss lines on which team wins, whether it comes up heads or tails, whether the team to win the coin toss wins the game and even if the player who calls the coin toss is correct or not. Those type of Super Bowl props are random happenings and while they might be fun to drop a few bucks on they are certainly not a type of wager that you can use any form of handicapping analysis on. So let’s take a look at one of the proposition lines offered at 5Dimes that we can back up our decision based on numbers.

Patriots Wins the first half and wins the game (+128)

First we want to look at the probability of the Patriots leading at the end of the first half based on the 2011/2012 historical numbers. The New England Patriots were leading at halftime in 72.2 percent of their games this season while the New York Giants on the other hand were leading at halftime in only 47.3 percent of their games. So we can see that the Patriots hold a substantial edge in probability of leading in the first half.

The next numbers we’ll look at are the percentage of games that the Patriots lead at the half and went on to win and the percentage of games that the Giants were trailing at the end of the half and lost. New England was leading at the half in 13 games this season and went on to win 12 of those games while losing only 1 for a winning percentage of 92.3%. The Giants were in a trailing position at the half way mark in 6 games this season and were on the losing end of the score 5 times for a losing percentage of 83.3 percent in this situation.

Additional Super Bowl Props at 5Dimes:

– Team to score first

– Type of first score

– Team winning margins

5Dimes will be offering more Super Bowl XLVI betting props as we get closer to the big game.