Superbowl Party Ideas

Superbowl Party Ideas

By Wilson of

If you are searching for Superbowl party ideas then you have come to the right place! Every year millions of football fans gather together to witness one of sports greatest events- the NFLs superbowl game. The following paragraphs will likely shed some light on party ideas which are sure to entertain and impress your guests. The most important ingredient for your party is to have fun! Lets take a look at some of the most popular superbowl party activities.

Superbowl Trivia:

Sports fans love random trivia, at least all the fans I know appreciate a great trivia question. You can spend hours searching the internet for, who was MVP of superbowl 20 or what team has the most turnovers in a superbowl game? But the key to the trivia questions are that they challenge your guests. You dont want them to be too easy, but not incredibly difficult either. I always try to cater to everyone at the party by including a couple of non-related football questions which can consist of anything from who sang the national anthem to what city hosted the superbowl in a certain year. Also, its a good idea to not have a million questions; all you need is 10 really good, fun questions. Most people like a quick trivia quiz opposed to something that takes way too long and kills the fun.


In America its all about the grub! We know that if the food is excellent then we will be happy. The superbowl has developed into one the nations biggest eating events. It is amazing how much food is consumed before, during, and after the big game. I like to have a variety of options for my party guests as most people have different taste. A good idea is to have your guest bring their favorite superbowl food and then everyone can swap and share all the awesome food!

Gambling Squares:

Ok, now we will discuss some gambling on the superbowl. The square betting is probably the most popular party gambling gig. To begin you will need a large piece of construction or poster board paper. Next, you simply write the numbers 010 across the top and down the left side of the board. Each set of numbers represents the last digit of the score for an individual team. For example, if the Pittsburgh Steelers represented the numbers running across the top of the board and the Dallas Cowboys had the numbers running down the left side then a score of Pittsburgh 12 and Dallas 12 would be located three rows down the left side and three rows across the top.

Whoever paid for that square would win if the first quarter ended in a 12-12 tie. Remember, you only use the last number in the score of each team. You can make it 25 cents a square or five dollars it just depends on your crowd. Announce a winner after every quarter depending on the score. If you want to bet more on the superbowl you can go to Bovada and find a ton of different betting opportunities including but not limited to wagering on the point spread or total points scored (over/under) by both teams! You can do this using your credit card to fund your account there!

Halftime Mud Bowl:

This friendly miniature football game can become a crowd favorite and everyone can be involved. A great way to get the kids outside (even the adult kids!) and burn off some of those first half calories and make room for another round of big plays and big grub. You could decide the teams based on who is rooting for which team to win the superbowl. I usually have some type of trophy or prize for the winning team. You can find party favors at your local party store.

As you see, there are a lot of options when it comes to hosting your own superbowl party. I consider the superbowl just as big as Christmas or Thanksgiving. My passion for a great party and a great game is second to none and I hope you found a couple of new ideas that will boost your party options. Check out our other superbowl articles for more ideas and more fun facts related to the big game. As always, have fun, and luck to ya.