Superbowl Picks

The NFL season is over and it’s all come down to two teams: The AFC Champion vs. The NFC Champion. That means you’ve got one last opportunity to bet on an NFL game for the next seven months. This isn’t any ordinary game though, this is THE grand daddy of them all.

If you’re looking to handicap this game by solely using stats, don’t bother, you can throw those out the window. You can bet that the two remaining teams will be at the top of their respective games. Selecting the point spread winner of the Superbowl is one of the most difficult wagers a bettor will ever make. I mean let’s face it, these are the two best teams going head to head. Where is the advantage there?

Both teams are motivated, probably possess a good play caller (QB), probably have either an above average aerial attack and/or running game, solid lines on both sides of the ball and may even be stacked in the special teams department. There’s a TON of variables that factor into which two teams get to meet for the big game known as “The Superbowl”.

So, who to pick against the spread? After all, both teams are most likely rock solid, so where is the advantage to determine which side your going to pick/bet on? Maybe this is a good time to consider making a play on the total (over/under). Maybe it’s a good time to check out prop bets. There are so many options to choose from!

We are happy to say that our Staff has a formidable track record at correctly selecting the winning point spread of the Super Bowl.

Bookmark this page and check back the day before the big game to find out our selection. It will be FREE as all of our picks always are! Until then, good luck with your action!

2013 Super Bowl Pick: SF 49ers -4 (pending)
2012 Super Bowl Pick: New England Patriots -3! (loss)
2011 Super Bowl Pick: Green Bay Packers -1.5! (Won)
2010 Super Bowl Pick: We like the New Orleans Saints to cover the +5.5 point spread! (won)