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Super Bowl LII (52)
Where: US Bank Stadium, Minneapolis, Minnesota
When: Sunday, February 4th, 2018
Time: 6:30PM EST
Radio: TBA
Halftime Show Headliner: TBA

Interesting Notes: TBA

Future Super Bowl Locations:


The History of the Super Bowl
By Wilson of

Do you ever stop and wonder who came up with the name SuperBowl? The Super
Bowl has become a household name dating back to 1967 when fans simply didn’t
feel like spitting out the other longer version of the name, which was “The
NFL-AFL World Championship Game”, man that just takes a lot of energy to
say! I’d rather spend more energy on eating hot wings and chicken strips.
Here at we thought hardcore football fans would like to have
access to all of the Super Bowl games from the past. Therefore, we have
decided to provide our prime-time players all the information and highlights
of each and every Super Bowl game from the first official matchup.

Please enjoy traveling down memory lane revisiting your favorite games as well as pulling whatever random trivia you might need for your Super Bowl quiz just in time for this year’s big game. We’ll begin with a brief history of how the big game developed early on and what it has become today.

First of all, the Super Bowl started with the merger of the NFL (National Football League) and the AFL (American Football League), and a child’s bouncy ball. Yes, you read it right, a child’s ball! Apparently the owner of the Kansas City Chiefs football team, Lamar Hunt, created the name after watching his daughter play with her “Super Ball” which was a bouncy little ball. Hunt only expected the name to be temporary until the league officials revised and created their formal name for the big game.

In 1969 the name “Super Bowl” became the official name of the championship game. The next year, 1970, the NFL and AFL merged to become one league with two conferences. The AFC (American Football Conference) and the NFC (National Football Conference) champions would meet each other in the Super Bowl.

The winner of each Super Bowl receives the Vince Lombardi Trophy, named after the outstanding Green Bay Packers coach who guided his team to the first two Super Bowl victories. The Lombardi Trophy was introduced before Super Bowl V.

The Super Bowl has changed throughout the years in popularity as millions of people watch it every year all around the world. It has gone from a football game to a major showcase! In the United States the Super Bowl is nothing short of a major holiday as it is advertised and marketed in nearly every forum.

The players who participate in the Super Bowl game are guaranteed a bonus of a predetermined amount of money along with other goods. The fans who are lucky enough to get tickets to the big game also receive a special package that comes with their seat. The package is full of memorabilia and advertiser products.

Online Casinos, Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and nearly every other gambling venue look forward to Super Bowl Sunday as it is one the most lucrative days of the year for the casino industry. Fans can bet on just about everything under the sun, and they do just that! You can bet on who scores first or which player will turn the ball over or what the weather conditions will be like!

Advertisers, celebrities, and even political figures flood the Super Bowl with hopes of gaining an edge in their respected fields. Some companies pay as much as 1-3 million dollars for a thirty second commercial during the game! Wow, that’s a lot of dough!

So, if you like the Super Bowl and all of its history please enjoy our break down of each game starting with the Super Bowl 1 in Los Angeles. I can’t wait until the next big game in 2015! Until then, start preparing the ultimate Super Bowl Quiz!