Superbowl Snacks

Superbowl Snacks
By Wilson of

If you are searching for ideas for superbowl snacks then youve found the perfect site! We know how important it is to provide plenty of tasty snacks during the superbowl. The key is making sure you have a wide variety for your guests to choose from as they will certainly appreciate your efforts. Dont be afraid to print these up or write down some of the ideas as our mission is to help you create the best superbowl snacks for the big game! Lets have a look at some the crowd favorites.

Hot Wings:
Ok, you cant have a superbowl party without these yummy little wings of joy! I have a buddy who specializes in hot wings. He has several levels of heat and flavors which make for a great plate of wings! You dont have to re-create the wheel here, just get some wings somehow and the fans will love you!

Mexican Dip:
This dip is a no-brainer for a superbowl snack as it caters to the south of the border crowd. Get a quality Mexican dip, not just your local grocery store toss it in a plastic bowl garbage. I mean seek a real 7-layered authentic Mexican dip even if you have to order it from a restaurant; Most local Mexican joints (even though they are Americanized) have great dips and sampler platters as well. Again, your guests will be jacked!


Always a party favorite! Make sure you have a nice selection that allows for the taste buds to get a workout. People LOVE chips. Get “strong” dip chips too especially for the Mexican dishes. Doritos, Ruffles, Cheetos, Pretzels, Big Cheezits, BBQ potato chips, tortilla chipsyou get the picture.

Deep Fried Goodies:
Ahh, nothing better than some good old cholesterol building deep fried, mozzarella sticks or mushrooms, onion rings, french fries, jalapeos, twinkies, and whatever else you want to drop in the grease!

Litl Smokies:
You cant neglect the famous little wieners bathed in BBQ sauce. These are cheap and you get a lot in each package, so stock up on these babies. Dont forget the toothpicks.

Cheese and Crackers:
Not as exciting as the other options but there are always a few people who try to stay civilized even during the superbowl feeding frenzy! This goes over huge with the kids too.

Hey, you can put salsa on anything! Try your best to find a variety of salsa, if you look hard enough you will see that their really is a number of options.

Shrimp Cocktail:
I know, kinda stuffy for a superbowl snack but you must consider all walks of life, even the sophisticated high maintenance guests. Make sure you buy fresh, the thawed frozen stuff is a bit ghetto.

Vegetable Tray:
WTF is a vegetable? Ok, just kidding. Yes, its a good idea to cater to those who are diet conscious as well. You could prepare it yourself or simply pick one up at your local grocery store. A variety of veggies are great, and they go well with all dips and even salsa too. Carrots, celery, cauliflower, broccoli, cherry tomatoes, snap peas, and cur radishes all make for great snacks. A few of these may keep you from having the chits the next dady too after eating all this garbage!

Superbowl snacks are essential to any big game gathering. Your family and friends will appreciate the quality of the snacks more than the quantity so dont worry about going into debt just get enough to suffice. Also, it is a good idea to ask people to bring their favorite goods as most people enjoy sharing the snacks. Have a great party and may the best team win!

Remember, its all about the superbowl snacks! Be sure to plan ahead for garbage bags in key locations so your guests dont have to miss any of the action. Good food, good fun, and a lot of great memories!