2009 EPT Scandinavian Open Final Table Recap

2009 EPT Scandinavian Open Final Table Recap
by Matt of Predictem.com

The PokerStars.com 2009 European Poker Tour Scandinavian Open final table began with the remnants of a 462-player field. The final eight players and their chip counts were:

Rasmus Nielsen: 1,031,000
Petter Petersson: 407,000
Peter Hedlund: 367,000
Jussi Nevanlinna: 894,000
Jonas Klausen: 262,000
Jens Kyllnen: 366,000
Eric Larcheveque: 221,000
Anders Langset: 1,119,000

The first elimination occurred early on when Hedlund raised with pocket aces and Klausen reraised all-in with pocket sevens. Hedlund insta-called and the Qc 10d 5c 10c Ac board sent Klausen home in eighth place (80,370). Within the hour, Nielsen’s pocket twos defeated Larcheveque’s Ks Qh when the board came Jc 2h 2c Js Qd, giving Nielsen quad dueces! This monster hand eliminated Larcheveque in seventh place (113,106). Nielsen continued to get involved when he was all-in with As 9d and was called Langset’s Ac Kh. The Ad 6c 5d 7h Kx afforded Nielsen no help and his luck finally came to an end finishing in sixth place (142,870). After a short break, Petersson pushed all-in with A-2 and was called by Hedlund’s As Qs. The Js 6s 6h 4d Ks board gave Hedlund the nut flush and eliminated Petersson in fifth place (181,564). The chips counts of the final four players were:

Anders Langset: 2,570,000
Peter Hedlund: 941,000
Jens Kyllnen: 605,000
Jussi Nevanlinna: 444,000

After taking a large hit, Nevanlinna moved all-in for 164,000 with K-9 and was called by Hedlund’s A-4 and Kyllnen’s 9-9. The players check it all the way down and the final board read Qc 5s 2d Ad 2h, giving Hedlund the pot with a pair of aces and sending Nevanlinna home in fourth place (220,258).

A little later on, Kyllnen, who was doubled up by Langset, raised with As 8s. Langset made the call with Ac 4s as the flop came Qs Js 9s. Kyllnen checked and Langset bet 200,000. Kyllnen called as a 7 hit on the turn. Langset then pushed all-in and was immediately called by Kyllnen’s flush. Langset was drawing dead as a 4 hit on the river and he finished in third place (288,717).

Heads-up play began with Hedlund holding 1,100,000 in chips to Kyllnen’s 3,508,000. After only a few hands, Hedlund raised to 220,000 and Kyllnen pushed all-in with Js Jc. Hedlund made the call with As Jh. Hedlund could not find help on the 9s 8h 5s Kc Qc board and he was eliminated in second place (497,069). The nineteen-year-old Kyllnen became the PokerStars.com EPT Scandinavian Open champion for which he won the trophy and 878,057 first-place prize!

Other notable money finishers included:

10 – Tom Johansen, Norway: 49,112
11 – Christian Saixin, Sweden: 38,694
12 – Andreas Hoivold, Norway: 38,694
13 – Michael Aston, U.K.: 29,765
14 – Fredrik Boberg, Sweden, 29,765
15 – Johan van Til, Holland: 20,835
16 – Erik Karlsson, Sweden, 20,835
17 – Thor Hansen, Norway: 16,371
18 – Jakob Tstesen, Denmark: 16,371
19 – Ramzi Jelassi, Sweden: 16,371
20 – Marcus Liberski, Germany: 16,371
21 – Anthony Mallandain, United Kingdom: 16,371
22 – Aleksander Strandli, Norway: 16,371
23 – Martin Hansen, Denmark: 16,371
24 – Martin Wendt, Denmark: 16,371
25 – Daniel Matus, Sweden: 11,906
26 – Juha Lauttamus, Finland: 11,906
27 – Frederik Hostrup, Denmark: 11,906
28 – Nils Riber Johansen, Denmark: 11,906
29 – Gert Andersen, Denmark: 11,906

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