UFC 174 Picks – Arlovski vs. Schaub – Johnson vs. Bagautinov – MacDonald vs. Woodley Predictions

When:Saturday June 14, 2014 10pm EST
Where: Rogers Arena, Vancouver B.C.
by Tim, UFC Handicapper, Predictem.com

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Fight Analysis:

Demetrious Khrisna Johnson (aka; Mighty Mouse)thats right; Khrisna (mamma misspell)was sitting poolside reading his forearm (tattoo) when MMs butler delivered the news: Mr. Mouse, you are the Headliner for UFC 174! Your opponent is a well-respected and highly thought of competitor named Ally G; er, sorry sir, Ali Bagautinov. Your presence is desired in the Rogers Arena Octagon June 14, 2014Signed Dana White, Head Honcho UFC/MMA.

Anything else Reginald Mr. Mouse inquired.

Yes Sir, one thingthere is a P.S. at the end of Mr. Whites transmission. It appears Mr. White wishes to know if you would be interested in buying a watch?

Thank You Reginald. That will be all.

There is one more thing sir; I do apologize for wasting your reading time. A writer of some regard has gotten hold of the information I just presented you and delivered an outrageous composition saying effectively; D. Johnsonthats you, sirD. Johnson is the Headliner in UFC 174 only to be slotted immediately Number 2 (or 3, or 4) behind Gone but Not Forgotten Andrei Arlovski vs Possibly Great Brendan Schaub. Further, UFC and White have stuck defiantly to anti-pharmaceutical protocols dithering in Bagautinov for the Vancouver event. Bagautinov was booted off the International Sambo Federation (Roosky) testing positive for Methylhexaneamine (dubbed: The Bagautinov Cocktail) and banned from participation on or about the Roosky landscape (Russian/Ukraine et al) for 2 years ending November 2014. The question is: If the drug Methylhexaneamine/DMAA forced suspensions of Bagautinov, 3 Olympic Athletes of the 2014 Olympics, Manny Pacquiaos 2013 opponent Brandon Rios, a MotoGP Rider, a U.S. Weightlifter, and 1 World Class Marathon Runner, how is it possible MMA/UFC can stand smugly, side-by-side, promoting a convicted DMAA user (Bagautinov) and enjoy any credibility with respect to cleaning up UFC? Outrageous! Also, how is it possible the sanctioning body for UFC 174 (British Columbia Athletic Federation) can allow Bagautinov to perform in Vancouver after Bagautinov is under current suspension by a Federation (Sambo) which uses the exact same Banned Substances List as the BC Athletic Federation uses (the WADA Banned Drugs List)? There is something fishy in Denmark

I believe anyone who thinks Mighty Mouse is the top draw in this particular UFC might need a splash of cold water to wake them up. Flyweights draw circles, squares, and bathsFlyweights do not draw Top Billing. Lets look at UFC 174s Fight Card.

Andrei Arlovski(21-10-0) vs.Brendan Schaub(11-3-0)(Schaub -155)
Andrei was a formidable beast from around 2005-2009. Then Andrei pretty much hit MMAs version of the Senior Tour polishing off a few ragtops before getting his noodle stirred with 4 straight poundings to (in order): Emelianenko, Rogers, Silva, and Kharitonov (the last one being the most vicious of the beatings). With those last 4 fights, Andrei changed addresses again getting the heck outta Strikeforce and bouncing way down to Pro Elite. Since he split from Strikeforce, Arlovski has dabbled in sparring, training, and generally hanging around the gym while occasionally whuppin up on a fighter not experienced enough to compete or a Pasture Horse well past his prime. Schaub has danced his way towards the top by always being eager to fightanyone! Brendan is a motivated fighter but after 2 straight defeats in UFC 134 and 135, Schaub has recovered with 2 straight wins; the last being in UFC 165.

My Arlovski/Schaub Prediction to Win:
The easy answer is this will be an enjoyable fight. The real answer is This will be like watching Larry Holmes get his butt handed to him by Tyson, or Ali getting destroyed by a young Larry Holmes. Arlovskithough spectacular earlier in his careeris hanging on to the I got another fight in me expectation reflected by a heart that refuses to yield. Many punches later, Arlovski is still standing tall with pride and desire, but Schaub will pretty much do what he wishes with Andreiand it is going to suck watching the domination. Brendan Schaub however you slice it.

DemetriousJohnson(19-2-1)(-530) vs.Ali Bagautinov(13-2-0)(+335)
Pretty Much, you will see exactly why Flyweights cannot headline. Watching 2 squirrels in the middle of a freeway avoiding cars at rush hour is simply too much for the human eye and brain to consume for more than 15 seconds! Holy Lord! Slow down guys! I cant take itand thats why Flyweights cant Headline; theyre just too fly-weightyscatting over here, shuddering over there, bouncing, jerking jumping, WOW! DJ is at the top in this weight class. For his opponent, theres a reason Bagautinov competed, overseas (mostly), in Sambo; he just aint good enough. If this fight takes place (see: 2-year Suspension by Sambo)and there is room to doubt it willBagautinov will get Samba-ed around the Octagon and right out the front door.

My Johnson/Bagautinov Pick to Win: Demetrious Johnson -530Cmon! Ali is over here to make a paycheck and Demetrious has already beaten the crap out of everyone in the known world. This is a ploy by MMA getting Demetrious paid and bring in the Wild Man From Borneo that no one knows to get us to watch (interpreted >>> Pay Da Cash!). There isnt a qualified opponent out there that Demetrious wouldnt dominate and the MMA knows it. Demetrious in a rout, arm-lock, arm bar, choke hold, piggy back submission, knock out, or ball twisthowever he wants to do it. The real line should be on how many rounds it takes Demetrious to maul this guyDemetrious Big Here!

Rory MacDonald(16-2-0)(Not available at time of print) vs.Tyron Woodley(13-2-0)(Odds = ?)
This fight is the most compelling matchup of UFC 174 and Tyron (not the chosen one in any sense of the imagination) is absolutely star struck. After using his patented collapsible leg move on Carlos Condit in UFC 171, Woodley is headed for the top o the world. He has heart, can fight, can brawl, can wrestle, can take anyone down, and now he is staring the Top Spot in this Division right in the eye! Since coming over from Strikeforce, Woodley has taken or forced every challenge presented to him. Tyron did lose to Jake Shields 3 fights ago, but the Split Decision loss should have been a Draw!

MacDonald comes in with a reputation of no Power but a relentless pursuer. MacDonald may not have the Power of the top punchers in this class, but MacDonald is the best conditioned I believe Ive ever seen?! He constantly applies pressure even to a fault and this is MacDonalds key to success; Showering and constantly harassing opponents so they cannot think to react. This is a tough fight to call. It is going to be a fantastic fight and worth any money you spend for any other fights!

My MacDonald/Woodley Pick to Win: Rory MacDonald.Evenly matched fight. Tyron has much more power than MacDonald but MacDonalds relentless pursuit and constant action has negated most of MacDonalds superior opponents in the past. I give Tyron the edge in the fight with one caveat: Everyone who says Im the greatest, or taps a nickname like The Chosen One eventually gets smacked down from the heavenly pedestal theyve created for themselves. I believe Tyron gets his pedestal plundered in this fight! Find the lowest cost favorites and highest paying underdogs for UFC fights (and all sporting events) at 5Dimes.

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