How to Bet on College Football

There are many ways to bet on college football games. In this article, we’ll feature many of those wagering types and opportunities.

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The Point Spread – The most traditional of all bets. This wager consists of picking either the favorite or the underdog to cover the spread. If you take the favorite, you subtract points from your score to determine the winner. If you select the underdog, you add those points to your final score and compare it to that of the favorite’s to determine if you covered the bet.

The Moneyline – This is a wager that allows you to take one team or another to win, but is different than a point spread wager in that you are simply betting on a team to win straight up by one point. To create balance and fairness, odds are applied to both the favorite and the underdog.

Totals – This wager has nothign to do with the point spread or which team wins the bet. Instead, your betting on the total points scored by both teams. It should be noted that you should learn to focus on such bets because they are the easiest bets to beat in college football betting.


Parlays – This bet is for the daring. Parlay wagers consist of the bettor selection in between 2-12 teams, which can be sides or totals, in which all selections made must cover their spread in order for the betting ticket to be deemed a winner. If one game loses, your ticket is garbage. If your in love with playing parlays and are interested in being paid lesser odds in exchange for having a loss or two on your ticket, you should check out our article on progressive parlays. This is a bet that you risk very little for a high payoff.

Teasers – This wager is very similar to the parlay in that you have to take 2 or more teams and they all have to win. The difference is that you get to move the point spread in your favor. The amount of points you get to move the spread by is all up to you as your sportsbook will give you numerous options. Another difference is that they don’t pay as well as parlays since your moving the odds in your favor and their not as hard to beat. The best place on the web to play teasers is 5dimes where you can play up to 15 teams and move the line up to 20 points per team or total!

Pleasers – These bets are for people with balls of steel. It’s a combination of a parlay and a teaser with a serious tweak to it. It’s like a parlay in that you have to take 2 or more teams and they all have to win to cover the bet. It’s like a teaser in that your moving the point spread, but the tweak is that your moving it AWAY from being in your favor. These bets have insanely high payouts for very good reason, their tough to beat!

Props – Prop bets are considered “fun” bets by many but the astute bettor feasts on these wagers because he has an eye for the sucker bet and he is statistically astute and moves on these bets when they are in his favor. If your a novice, their fun to play but you need to follow a rule of thumb so you don’t get waxed: “If it looks too good to be true, it probably is! As crazy as it sounds, sometimes it’s best to fade your own gut feeling/opinion and go the other way when faced with such a bet.

Futures – These are bets in which you make a pick on which team you think will win their division, conference or championship before the season starts. Often times the risked amount is very small with a very large payout should you correctly select the winner of the wager. These bets can also consist of over/under team wins during the course of the regular season amongst many other things.