Deutsche Bank Championship Picks

Tournament: Deutsche Bank Championship
Date: Thurs-Sun, Aug. 30th-Sep. 2nd, 2013
Course: TPC of Boston, Norton, Mass.
TV: GC Thurs-Fri, CBS Sat-Sun
by Tim, PGA Golf Handicapper,

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The Tour Players are UPSed to Boston this week for the 2nd round of playoffs
for the FedEx Cup. The Deutsche Bank Championship promises
not to be the same ole cookie-cutter TPC Dartboard Point A to Point B
weve become soooo accustomed to seeing. CBS has the call so no worries
concerning cheesy pieces from Jimmy Roberts. David Feherty brings his shtick
lathering viewers with nonsense, unfunny quips, and an endless supply of
intestine draining maladies delivered too soon, too late, and too much to
be funny. Figuring out the FedEx Cup points system is harder than watching
Adam Sandler do a Stand-Up routine! But, like NECKCAR, the Chase is onOh
Lord! Look at it this way; Charles Howell III is in 27th Place!! Is someone
telling me Ian Poulter at 70th has EARNED less respect than Charles I am
a Robert Allenby Wannabe Howell the Thuuuuurd?! Howell got jacked outa
the Wyndham for using an illegal club! Okay, lets take a look and who might
conquer this, uhhhummPlayground for the Gifted.

Speith is in perfect position (#8) to win this weekend. Hes new on the Tour which means he actually cares about competingfor the time being. The course sets up very nicely for Speith–a combination of Point and Shoot and links style courseand hes proven he can play well in both settings. Tiger iswellTiger is more unpredictable than a Hot Air Balloon carrying Congress to a BS Convention. In addition, Tiger is running out of body parts to complain about when things dont go his way. In a sense, watching Tiger collapse under the perceived agony of back pain made me wonder if he was intentionally inserting drama for the 2-hour special on his life 25 years from now. I know it sounds crazy, but think about; does it sound crazier than some other Thangs in Tigers past? Remember the Nike commercial when he exploited his dead Fathers memory?? Jus Sayinanyway, it is doubtful Tiger will Tee it up this weekend and even if he does, he could win it by 38 shots or withdraw after 2 holes. Lets look a little closer inside the field to pick us a Winner.

DEPOSIT $100-$500

This TPC is the SpeedBall of the 4 FedEx tourney sites. The greens will be lightening fast and putting will be at a premium (as is ALWAYS the case in golf). The 2 best Long Putters in the world, Tim Clark and Adam Scott, should find pork chops on every green. Mickelson isa car-wreck waiting to happen. Jim Furyk? HA! Furyk is made for this gruesome FedEx Cup points system! Play 17,000 tournaments per year and most startsmeans Furyk wins! No chance for Furyk here; too much class in the field. Dufner looks tired and I dont blame him. Ryan Palmer might come out of the pack just like Ryan Moore. I believe it is Speith, Scott and/or Clark, with Keegan Bradley close behind. Lurking behind the woodshed is a little friend of ours called Henrik Stenson who might put an olde fashioned Anders Zorn Swedish Figure 4 Chokehold on the whole field! Speith, Clark, and Stenson might be the perfect trifecta this weekend. Enjoy the tournament!

Short Favorite: Jordan Speith (40 Odds to 1 to Win)
Speith took a week off of playing hard last week and hes ready. This dude is a Beast!.

Middle of the Road: Henrik Stenson (45 Odds to 1 to Win)
I believe Stenson is the best Player on the planet. He cant win big and often because he doesnt want the attention. Hell play well here.

Longshot: Tim Clark (125 Odds to 1 to Win)
Tim Clark is a Bulldog. If he gets that putter rollingWatch Out!

Head to Head Matches *Picks to win based on final score after all four rounds. Check out your favorite online betting site for single round matches and a variety of prop bets.

Phil Mickelson vs. Rory McIlroy (our pick to win: Phil Mickelson)
Rory McIlroy is slowly turning into Mike Weir or Bobby Clampett on the PGA Tour. Blame it on Nike and McIlroys lust for money; Rory is one really bad start away from playing himself off Tour. He might lose his game in of these last 3 events, Im saying it might be this one.

Rory McIlroy vs. Justin Rose (our pick to win: Justin Rose)
ANYBODY against McIlroy is a GREAT bet! McIlroy is like the guy who comes out of a 1-year coma, eats some pasta, tells a few jokes, then lapses into another coma around midnight.