Golf Betting Tips

by Staff

There really aren’t many golf specific tips we can give you but we’ll try our best along with some other general tips that should be applied to all forms of betting on sports.

Before you place a bet on a golfer in a head to head matchup, spend some time handicapping the matchup. See how that golfer has done historically on this particular course that he’s playing on. Be sure to check his opponent too. While golf is all about hitting the little ball in the hole, different people have different reactions, performances, etc to being in different places. Some players simply excel at certain courses while doing poorly at others. Be sure to do your homework and check to see how your guy does at the current course he’s playing on. It’s well worth the time spent!

Not necessarily pertaining to golf, but all sports betting is money management. As boring as it sounds, one should never tap out their bankroll (money you have saved to bet on games) on any one play for more than 2-3%. In sports gambling your going to encounter many streaks. Betting a percentage of your bankroll will allow you to sustain the bad ones and not bust. (run out of money)

Check the weather at the course before you bet. Bad weather can create skewed results. This may open up opportunities for lesser known golfers and make “the field” bet an attractive offer when referring to player to win the tournament.

While we tell our readers not to pay attention to trends in most other sports, golf is one where you can actually use that info to benefit you. Certain players have better performances at certain courses. If you see some consistency in a trend, let that trend be your friend and ride it to the bank.

Shop for the best odds! When you go to the store you compare prices to save a measley twenty cents on a loaf of bread. Why wouldn’t you compare prices at different sports books to potentially save $20 or more? We always recommend using more than one sportsbook as odds are likely to vary at each one. You’ll also find some different matchups as well!

Watch as much golf on TV as you can. This will greatly increase your odds of winning in the future as you will get to know more about the players and their characteristics while their out on the course doing their thing.

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