Baseball Betting and Handicapping Articles

Listed below you’ll find some of the best baseball betting and handicapping articles on the web. These were written by our in house cappers (who actually beat the book on a regular basis) and by winning sports handicappers that actually do their homework. Speaking of handicappers, make sure that if you ever employ one that they are monitored by a non biased third party monitoring service.

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Baseball Games
– Written by the Staff. We lost our tails
for 3-4 years before we got a sniff of breaking even or winning. We’ve made
the mistakes and paid the price. Long hours of studying and figure out what
works and doesn’t work has paid off. We give you these tips FREE of charge
in this article.

Tips to Betting on Baseball – Numerous tips that if your not already practicing you should be! Easy reading and sure to increase your winning percentage by a point or two.

Baseball Betting Strategies – Strategies to help you win.

How to Bet on MLB Games – We explain how to bet on MLB games using sides, totals, runlines and more.

Handicapping ERA – We point out what the good, bad and ugly ERA’s are and when to consider placing a bet relative to the pitcher’s earned run average.

How to Handicap Baseball – Part 1 of a 3 part article. We introduce you to baseball handicapping and start off the festivities talking about w.h.i.p.

How to Handicap Baseball – Part 2 of 3 – In part 2 of this informative 3 part article we dig deeper looking at ERA, hitter vs. pitcher, pitcher vs. team, grass vs. turf, night vs. day games, outdoors vs. domes.

How to Handicap Baseball – Part 3 of 3 – In part 3 of this 3 part article, we finish it up talking about hot and cold over last 5 games, recent bullpen performances, home vs. road, errors and weather.

Baseball Handicapping: W.H.I.P. – How does walks + hits divided by innings pitched relate to baseball handicapping? We’ve got the answer!

Handicapping Bullpens – A much underrated but necessary part of handicapping that you don’t want to be uniformed about and get bit by!

Betting MLB Underdogs – Jerald uncovers the power of betting on them.

Rating Pitchers – Jerald explains a great formula used for rating hurlers.

Handicapping Baseball: Who Has the Edge? – Wilson talks about looking for the edge when handicapping baseball games by checking out pitching, defense and speed.

How Weather Affects Baseball Betting – Badger breaks down all the variables that you should take into consideration when betting on the over/under in MLB games.