Predictem MLB Archives

Welcome to the Predictem MLB archives page! This is where we store old game previews, picks, articles and news for your viewing pleasure. Please be sure to note that this is dated info from days/weeks/years past. Enjoy!

September 2012 Through June 2013 – Highlighted by some big names changing uniforms as Zack Greinke and Josh Hamilton left for greener pastures.

January 2012 Through August 2012 – Highlighted by the Dodgers signing of Cuban defector Yasiel Puig and Zack Greinke being traded from the Brewers to the Angels. Low-lighted by the 50 game suspension of Giants OF Melky Cabrera for the use of PEDS.

July 2011 Through December 2011 – Highlighted by Ryan Braun winning the 2011 NL MVP award, Aramis Ramirez opting out of his contract and going to the Brewers, 2011 World Series picks and Michael Bourn being traded from Houston to Atlanta. Lowlights include the murder of Mariners OF Greg Halman, the passing of ex-MLB P Bob Forsch and the Hideki Irabu suicide.

January 2011 Through June 2011 – Highlighted by Roberto Alomar and Bert Blyleven (finally, he made it!) getting inducted into the Hall of Fame, Trevor Hoffman retiring and the start of the 2011 MLB season!

July 2010 Through December 2010 – It’d be a travesty to call these highlights as December of 2010 presented us with the passing of Bob Feller and Mariners all time great announcer Dave Niehaus. One of Dave’s home run calls was “Fly Away” and that is undoubtedly what he did with an angle on each side. Rest in peace Dave, and THANKS for the memories.

May 2010 Through June 2010 – Highlights include the debut of Nationals MEGA prospect Stephen Strasburg and a ton of previews, picks and other news from around the league.

January 2010 Through April 2010 – Highlighted by the retirement of Randy “The Big Unit” Johnson, Ryan Howard’s 5 year contract extension, the 50 game suspension of Reds P Edinson Volquez, Frank “Big Hurt” Thomas announcing his retirement and of course opening day of the 2010 MLB season!

September 2009 Through December 2009 – Highlighted by the 2009 World Series in which the Yankees won handily, the signing of Jason Bay by the NYM, the free agent signing of Chone Figgins by the Seattle Mariners and the announcement of the CY Young Award winners.

July 2009 Through August 2009 – Highlighted by the signing of the number one overall pick Stephen Strasburg by the Washington Nationals.

May 2009 Through June 2009 – The first part of the 2009 MLB season highlighted by the Manny Ramirez 50 game suspension for the use of a substance that is banned by MLB, the Jake Peavy injury to his ankle and previews and picks for many baseball games throughout May and June.

September 2008 Through April 2009 – Highlights include the retirement of Curt Schilling, Jeff Kent and Sean Casey. A-Rod gets accused of being on steroids in 2003. The Los Angeles Angels sign Bobby Abreau. Rickey Henerson and Jim Rice get voted into the Hall of Fame. Don Wakamatsu takes over as Mariners manager. Matt Holliday goes from live ball park Coors Field to dead ball park the Oakland Coliseum. Geovanny Soto and Evan Longoria get named as rookies of the year.

June 2008 Through August 2008 – Highlights include the Adam Dunn trade from the Reds to the Diamondbacks and Manny Ramirez leaving Boston to become a Los Angeles Dodger.

April 2008 Through May 2008 – Highlighted by the opening games of the 2008 season, the retirment of the ageless Julio Franco and the retirement of Bret Boone.

January 2008 Through March 2008 – Highlighted by the trade of Erik Bedard to the Seattle Mariners and the 2008 MLB preseason.

October 2007 Through December 2007 – Highlights include the huge Josh Hamilton for Edinson Volquez trade between the Rangers and Reds, the 2007 World Series, the death of pitcher Joe Kennedy and more.

August and September 2007 – Highlighted by Alfonso Soriano’s injury and the call up of Mariner prospect Adam Jones who would later go on to be traded to Baltimore in the off season for P Erik Bedard.

Start of Site Through July 2007 – Highlights include Mark Teixeira being traded to the Atlanta Braves, Tony Gwynn and Cal Ripken get inducted into the MLB Hall of Fame and more.