Nascar Driver Matchups

Each week, we’ll post the current driver matchups and where they can be found. We’ll also explain how they work below! Enjoy!

How Driver Matchups Work: Each week, oddsmakers put out driver vs. driver betting matchups in which the only thing that matters in the race is that your pick comes finishes in front of the other driver. Often times there will be a favorite and an underdog. At times, you may see drivers with the same odds which is called a pickem. If you see a driver with a “-” in front of his odds, that designates him as the favorite and tells you how much money you have to RISK to profit $100. If your driver has a “+” in front of his name, that makes him the underdog and tells you how much you will win on your stake of $100. In both cases of favorite/winner, you will receiver your staked amount back plus your profit should your selection cash (win).