Kansas City Chiefs vs. Philadelphia Eagles Point Spread – Pick Against the Spread

Kansas City Chiefs (2-0 SU, 1-1 ATS) vs. Philadelphia Eagles (0-0 SU, 1-1 ATS)
NFL Week 3
Date and Time: Thursday September 19, 2013 8:25 EST
Where: Lincoln Financial Field, Philadelphia PA
TV: NFL Network
by Tim, Football Handicapper, Predictem.com

Point Spread: KC +3/PHI -3
Over/Under Total: 50.5

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This Thursday Night the NFL will prove once again they wish to alienate their fan base by virtually Blacking Out pretty good matchups in favor of higher profits! This weeks NFL victims; Philly and KC fans. Will get to a nice little criticism of their on-air talent in a bit, for now, lets take a look at 2 pretty good teams in the Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs. Kansas City put the wood to Big D last Sunday in a surprising 17-16 victory as a -3 Home Fav. Many were surprised at the Chiefs huge bounce from their 2-14 2012 campaign with me included in that horde. Philly eased off the gas a little and got beaten by a schizophrenic San Diego team at the Linc 33-30 as a -7 Home Fav.

No one is quite sure if the Chiefs are flirting with fans hearts this year or are the Chiefs a much improved football team in 2013? Ifor one—questioned the competency of Andy Reid and I appear to be wrong. The Chiefs beat a Mid-Major Dallas team that learned how to win against the Giants in week #1 pushing many Dallas fans into a psychotropic drug popping frenzy! But the amazing statistic is, The Chiefs are winning with defense! KC is 4th overall in Team defense, 9th in passing defense, and 3rd in rushing defense. Alex Smith coming over from San Fran might seem to be the big reason KC is winning. But KC is 24th in passing offense, 8th in rushing offense, and Smith is 25th in the League in passing. But the BIGGEST reason for a KC Pow-Wow is the Chiefs are tied for 1st in the Give Away-Take Away department. KC has not had a turnover all year (+4)! Not Alex Smith, Mike Tyson, or General George S. Patton can overcome a huge Give Away margin and the Chiefs are playing very stingy football in 2013. New Coach, New QB, and New Mindset equals more viewing pleasure for the red and uhhhh, yellow/white Chiefs in 2013. Also, Jamaal Charles is the 2013 version of Larry Johnson without Johnsons Diva domain. Lets look at the Eagles and see whats up in the City of Sloppy Cheesesteaks!

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I went to Philly visiting a buddy and Ill I heard was Dude, you gotta have a Philly Cheesesteak! Okay, I had one, cost about 8 bucks and I had to take a nap for 2 days afterwards. I believe the only people who love Cheesesteaks are the same people who cant stand Taco Bell. Its the same thing! Eat 3 Beef Burritos or 1 Cheesesteak. Both have 10,000 calories in them. Both satisfy some sort of regressive gene in our system. And both have Elephant Dart knockout power!!! Chase either one with a beer and kiss the rest of the week Good Bye! The Eagles look like they pounded down some cheesesteaks before the 4th quarter of the Chargers game. The Eagles looked a little Woozy letting Philip Hospital Ball Rivers run the Chargers down the field for final seconds 3 point game winner. The Good News for the Eagles? DeSean Jackson hasnt quit on the team as of yet; although the clock is ticking. Jackson had 193 yards receiving and a TD ushering in chants from his posse Give him his money! Give him his money! once again! A Team cant win in the long term with guys like Jackson, Terrell Owens, and/or Randy Moss (CHRIS CARTER!!). Selfish goofballs like this only look out for themselves destroying team unity and cohesiveness. Philly is 2nd in the NFL in rushing, 10th in passing, 5th in total defense, 2nd in total yards, but 30th in total defense. That is where the big problem for Philly is exposed. The defense is giving away too many yards and points. Lets take a final look and pick us a winner for the Thursday Night Nationalist Union of Soviet Socialist Football League matchup between the Eagles and Chiefs!

Rich Eisen sucks. Eisen would be perfect as a flour salesman or sock maker. Dispassionate, catatonic, and dull anti-personality delivered with the passion of a feather dropping into a trash heap seems appropriate as a descriptive of Eisens ability. Michael The Playmaker Irvin talks like he is hiding his wallet in his mouth. Steve Mariucci acts like hes trying to create a legacy. Deion Sanders is absolutely AWESOME and should be handed the keys to the network! I could go on and on but that pretty much sums up those hacksAND 1 >> PRIMETIME!!! (I agree Primeyou, Lawrence Taylor, and maybe Earl Campbell were 1a, 1b, and 1c of all-time greatest NFL players!)

Okay, the Chiefs havent exactly played the cream of the crop in the NFL and Philly has played a few tough teams. I cant rate how good Dallas was last week because Im not sure how much Jerry Jones screwed up the playbook before the Chiefs game? Philadelphia is steady and, though I dont like saying it, The Chargers are much better than Jacksonvilleeven with Phil Rivers as Puppet Master. At home, eatin cheesesteaks, on Thursday Night, Mike Vick and the Philly faithful will overwhelm the Chiefs as Alex Smith gets Zone-Blitzed out the ying-yang! Pick the OVER here as well. CIAO BELLA Philly!

Tim’s Pick to Cover the Point Spread: Eagles -3.