NFL Betting Systems

The American Sports Handicapping Network has two publications to assist
you in beating the point spread this NFL Season.

The 2012 NFL Handicapping Annual is jam packed with 50 NFL BettingSystems and over 400 Team Trends! Now this isnt your granddaddys
handicapping publication that is filled with a bunch of 4-0 and 5-0
trends over the last few years. All systems and trends have to have at
least 10 occurrences over at least the last five years to qualify as auseful handicapping state in my arsenal.

There is no fluff in this book, just hardcore handicapping data as aresult of analyzing the previous NFL Seasons from my extensive database
that includes against the spread information dating back to 1972. This
is the handicapping information that the wise guys use which will help
you make the right moves and beat the point spread this NFL season.

To order the 2012 NFL Handicapping Annual, visit(site no longer active) today.

The Vault Weekly NFL Handicapping Newsletter is designed to save you
time handicapping this season. You lead a busy life and do not have
time to pore over spread logs and scheduling situations every single
week. The Vault Newsletter saves you time as the handicapping is
provided for you every week. Take all of the information in the NFL
Handicapping Annual and add in all of the unique situations which arise
during the season that are researched in detail and the Vault Newsletter
provides you with the information you need to focus solely on picking
winners each and every week in the NFL.

This is the newsletter that the respected wise guys read every week.You can get it today by visiting the(site no longer active) to place your order.

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