Super Bowl XLIV Prop Bets – Picks

Super Bowl XLIV Props: The Best Prop Bets at
by Badger of

If you havent checked out my original article about betting on Super Bowl proposition bets at BoDog, you might want to read that one first.

Otherwise, lets get to the best prop bets available at another fine
offshore sportsbook:


The player props at BetUS offer a little less to choose from, but
that may be due to the game still being a week away. They may add
more options as the game gets closer, but for now here are the ones I
found worthy (if any prop bet is truly worthy).

Player to score first TD in the game Lance Moore (14-to-1)

Im really going out on a limb here, but Im expecting the Colts to have a little trouble with the Saints speed on the outside. If the
Jets Braylon Edwards can get loose behind the Colts secondary for a
long one (specifically rookie corner Jacob Lacey), since all of the
Saints receivers are faster than Edwards you can bet theyll try a
few times. Im going with Moore only because he offers the highest odds.

Player to record the first pass interception Jabari Greer (9-to-1)

Greer is great at squatting on routes and stepping in front of the
slant pattern, the same type of play Manning hit Pierre Garcon and
Austin Collie for repeatedly over and over against the Vikings. Greer
jumps the route and gets one on Manning.

Peyton Manning total TD passes Over 2.5 (even), under 2.5 (-140)

Despite the pick hell throw to Greer above, hell rebound nicely and
have a solid game. The oldest son of Archie can throw three TDs in
his sleep, so Ill take even money that he does it in primetime too.


First Scoring play of the game Colts TD pass (2.5-to-1)

Its the lowest odds of the list, but at 2.5 to 1, its really not a
bad prop at all. If the Colts get the ball and drive down the field
and score, which is entirely possible, you double up. Not bad if you
ask me.

Team to score the longest touchdown Saints (+110) or Colts (-140)

Both teams have the potential to bust any pass into a big one, but
the Saints have more game-breakers and speed, so Im taking the
better odds and going with New Orleans at +110.

First score of the game TD (-200) any other score (+150)

If you dont think the Colts will score the first points on a TD pass
(prop above 2.5-to-1), you can hedge that bet and hope they forced
into a short field goal. Either way, with any other score listed at
+150 it may be worth a shot.

Score in the Last 2 minutes of 1st half Yes (-300), No (+220)

This is a pretty risky prop considering both teams are great at the 2-minute drill, and can score in an instant, but Ill take my chances
with this risky prop. Missed field goal, bad field position, a forced
throw into coverage, there are so many things that can happen, so
Ill say No and try and cash in on the +220 odds.

Team to have the most punts Saints (-145), Colts (+115)

The Colts have a less risk-taking coach and a more stable defense, so
I see them playing the game of field position a little more then the
Saints. So while it may seem a stretch, but again, Ill take my
chances that the Colts will punt more not because theyre losing but
because theyre playing the game of field position.