Tennessee Titans vs. Pittsburgh Steelers Point Spread – Pick Against the Spread

Tennessee Titans (0-0 SU, 0-0 ATS) vs. Pittsburgh Steelers (0-0 SU, 0-0 ATS)
NFL Week 1
Date and Time: September 8th, 2013 1pm EST
Where: Heinz Field, Pittsburgh, PA.
by Tim, Football Handicapper, Predictem.com

Point Spread: Ten +7.5/PIT -7.5
Over/Under Total: 43.5

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The Steelers open up the 2013 NFL campaign pretty much as usual; Good defense-Bad offense. Offensive Coordinator Todd Haley, Roethlisberger, and the rest of the offense cant get on the same page. As Roethlisberger (Ben R.) says, It isnt a scheme issue; its a language issue. Apparently, Todd Haley prefers to speak in clear sentences while Roethlisberger is more Justin Timberlake-ish preferring grunts, hand signs, and not conjugated verb usage. Haley has been criticized for taking aim at the offense through the Media. Ben R. thinks Haleys bashing is a tad insensitive. It all adds up to 8-8 and Thanks for playin in 2012. In any event, Rashard Conspiracy Theorist and Part-time Scholar Mendenhall is gone to the Cardinals and the running game (for YEARS a staple in Pittsburgh to set up the pass) is dropped in LeVeon Bells lap. Unfortunately, LeVeon Bell has something like Mother Teresas Turf Foot disease and wont play in the opener leaving Felix Jones as the most likely to succeed as a scat-back receiverperson/guy. The promise for the Steelers getting Jones from the Cowboys is Jerry Jones (no relation to Felix) has a history of making horrific football decisions; Felix Jones might just be a NFL Pro-Bowler! The Titans come in still looking to sign Peyton Manning to a long term deal and in the meantime, Jake Locker is filling in for Peyton and bringing with him the Wing-T (T is for Tennessee!!). Chris Johnson and newly signed ex-Jet Shonn Greene will be doing Dance-offs at the DIVA Ball for the 1st part of the year—-until the Titans lose 5 of their first 7—-then well get to see a huge blowup on Twitter about someone not getting their love!! This game should be so interesting with the little twists, turns, and pirouettes of all the different characters adding spice much like a Soap Opera with plot and subplots, screams, hugs, and Yes, maybe a few tears. Who is going to win? Lets take a closer look.

Jake Locker is not really a good QB. Chris Johnson can rush for 82,000 yards and the Titans wont make the Super Bowl (See: Adrian Peterson). Playoffs! Playoffs? Were trying to win a game here and youre talking about Playoffs?! Really?! Playoffs?!! Mike Munchak might be a great Offensive Line coach but now hes a NFL Head Coach which means exactly this: The Titans offensive line will not be good this year. The Titans should have hired a proven winner as a Head Coach and left Munchak alone to proceed with the only bright spot on this otherwise horrible team. The Titans have compounded their problems and there really is no hope for the 2013 season at all! Enough said. The Titans will not be able to run, pass, shuffle, FedEx, toss, stumble, Air-Mail or anything else with the ball this year! Shoot, Safety Bernard Pollard might be the best player on the Titans and hes light years behind the aging Ed Reed in talent. It must be said that Ed Reed might be one of the Top 50 Players ever to put a NFL uniform onthe point is: The Titans dont have the horses to be taken seriously and the Titans dont have Vince Lombardi to get em where they need to be. Add it all up: The Titans are bumbling collection of Castaways, Never-Beens, Wont-Bes in a very bad system that is hemorrhaging paychecks from some of the best fans in sports. In Nashville at LP Field (????), the fat lady is singing every single night. LP Field? LP stands for Lousy Playget used to it Nashville!


The Prima Donna Steelers got a boo-boo last year on their egos. 8-8 playing Cleveland twice?? My Lord! Slippery Rock could beat the Browns twice in the same year! Right before Christmas last year (2012), I saw the Steelers unwind against the Cowboys. Mike Wallace fails to compete and the Cowboys beat the Steelers. Wallace is now gone to Miami and Antonio Brown looks to be a deep threat for the Steelers who, unfortunately, has not been a deep threat team since Plaxico Its my leg! Burress roamed the shores of the Alleghany eons ago. Ben R. is a Dip-n-Drop passer and Haleys exactly the same as Offensive Coordinator. Felix Jones is a Pros-Pro but this 3-9 yard receiving area is killing the Steelers right now. The Steelers need a Heinz Ward type of Receiver as of yesterday. Heinz Ward MADE Ben R. Routinely, Ward would go over the middle without fear, he would front a Strong Safety or ILB/OLB and make that 7 yard dig route work knowing he was going to be punished for the catch. Without Ward, the Steelers offense is much like the Steelers defense without Troy Polamalu—Directionless. TE Heath Miller has been tagged to be that inside short receiver but Miller blew his knee out in 2012 leaving the Steelers with NOBODY to run those short routes. Heath Miller will be activated for the game and will play but Heath Miller didnt just injure his knee last year; Miller DESTROYED his knee (ACL, MCL, and PCL)! The chance Miller will go over the middle knowing that Head Shots will be completely banned in the NFL ushering in Leg Shots will certainly give Miller, no matter how mentally strong he is, a moment of pausea flinchand that is all it takes in the NFL to turn 1st and Ten into a Pick 6. Knees in the NFL will be poppin like champagne bottles on New Years Eve! It is a violent sportbut that is the reason we watch, and the reason many players play the game. The Steelers defense will be stout just like they were last year; 1st in the NFL. Polamalu is back after missing 9 games in 2012 with a calf injury. Polamalu still has that goofy hair thoughand yes, I understand the whole Samoan Warrior heritage thingybut I think Lederhosen, the Swedish Candle Hat, and Teos Seaweed Tuxedo at the Heisman Ceremony are also very goofybut Polamalu is 32 and perhaps a little more injury prone? It doesnt matter though, the Steelers D will be very good but can the offense score enough points to win? In this game against the Titans, the Steelers will score more than ZERO so the Steelers get the nod.

Tims Pick to Cover the Point Spread: Steelers -7.5 and the UNDER