Week 8 NFL Point Spreads and Betting Odds

Week 8 NFL Point Spreads
by Predictem.com Staff

NFL Week Eight produces some much better matchups than we’ve seen in recent weeks. It seems as if though it’s been blowout city with stellar team playing bad team. Needless to say, the past few weeks haven’t been very exciting as a one sided game is a real sleeper (unless you’ve got a nice fat bet on the winning team).

Great matchups this week include the Broncos vs. Baltimore, Minnesota vs. Green Bay, SF/Indy, Dolphins/Jets, and the Giants vs. Eagles. We’d be surprised if any of those listed above turn out to be blowouts as many are likely to have you sitting on the edge of your chair until the clocks hits 0:00.

Listed below, you’ll find point spreads, betting odds and totals for Week 8. Good luck with your wagering!

Denver Broncos +3 vs. Baltimore Ravens +3
Total: 41.5

Cleveland Browns +13 vs. Chicago Bears -13
Total: 40

Houston Texans -3.5 vs. Buffalo Bills +3.5
Total: 41.5

Minnesota Vikings +3 vs. Green Bay Packers -3
Total: 47

San Francisco 49ers +13 vs. Indianapolis Colts -13
Total: 45

Miami Dolphins +3.5 vs. New York Jets -3.5
Total: 40.5

St. Louis Rams +4 vs. Detroit Lions -4
Total: 44

Seattle Seahawks +9.5 vs. Dallas Cowboys -9.5
Total: 46

Oakland Raiders +16.5 vs. San Diego Chargers -16.5
Total: 41.5

Jacksonville Jaguars +3 vs. Tennessee Titans -3
Total: 45

Carolina Panthers +10 vs. Arizona Cardinals -10
Total: 41

New York Giants -1 vs. Philadelphia Eagles +1
Total: 44

Note: There is no Sunday Night Football game due to the World Series

Monday Night Football

Atlanta Falcons +10.5 vs. New Orleans Saints -10.5
Total: 54.5