Week 9 NFL Point Spreads and Betting Odds – Week Nine

Week 9 NFL brings us 13 games with 6 teams off on bye weeks (Broncos, Titans, Rams, 49ers, Redskins and Jaguars).

Week Nine should be a bit more exciting than Week 8 with matchups such as the resurgent Chargers playing at Houston, a surprising Bucs team playing at Atlanta, the Jets playing the Lions who appear to be heating up, Miami at Baltimore and one has to wonder how the Pats will do vs. the surprising Browns AT Cleveland as well. The Gmen take on the Seahawks at Seattle which can be a tough place to visit and the Colts play the Eagles in what should be a barn burner. At the start of the season, we had Dallas at GB as a circled game, but with the recent failure of Dallas to do anything on the field, this game may end up being a laugher, or will it? The Pack opened at -9 and early action has moved the line down to +8. In summary, it should be a great week. Besides, the worst day of NFL football is better tha the best day at work! Enjoy!

The lines and odds listed below are OPENING LINES which can and will fluctuate throughout the week.

Sunday, November 7th Rotation Numbers, Point Spreads and Totals

Sunday Early Games (1PM EST)

405 Chicago Bears -1
406 Buffalo Bills +1
Total: 40.5

407 San Diego Chargers OFF
408 Houston Texans OFF
Total: OFF

409 New Orleans Saints OFF
410 Carolina Panthers OFF
Total: OFF

411 Arizona Cardinals +9
412 Minnesota Vikings -9
Total: 41

413 Tampa Bay Buccaneers +9
414 Atlanta Falcons -9
Total: 45

415 New York Jets -3.5
416 Detroit Lions +3.5
Total: 43

417 Miami Dolphins +5.5
418 Baltimore Ravens -5.5
Total: 40

419 New England Patriots -5
420 Cleveland Browns +5
Total: 44

Sunday Late Games (4PM EST)

421 New York Giants -5.5
422 Seattle Seahawks +5.5
Total 41

424 Kansas City Chiefs +2.5
425 Oakland Raiders -2.5
Total: 41.5

425 Indianapolis Colts OFF
426 Philadelphia Eagles OFF
Total: OFF

Sunday Night Football (8:25PM EST)

427 Dallas Cowboys +9
428 Green Bay Packers -9
Total: 44

Monday Night Football, November 7th (8:35PM EST)

429 Pittsburgh Steelers -3.5
430 Cincinnati Bengals +4
Total: 41.5