Is Roulette the Ultimate Game of Chance?

Is Roulette the Ultimate Game of Chance?
by Wilson, Casino Gambling Analyst,

Of all of the popular casino games, its been widely theorised that roulette is the one where the players success is more likely to be determined by pure chance than by the individuals skill.

But if we are so powerless to control our gaming destiny, why has roulette had such a powerful hold over gamblers for well over 200 years? And more importantly, is there any way we can boost our chances of winning at this famous table game?

Roulette certainly doesnt offer its players very favourable odds of winning. The inclusion of zeros and double zeros in the roulette wheel has meant that there is a house advantage of 5.26% on a standard game of American roulette.

And whilst the European variant of the game offers slightly better odds of 2.63% as a result of the wheel lacking a double zero, the improved odds are often countered by the house boosting the table minimum amount to play.

Seeing as casinos introduced the zeros in order to boost their odds, it seems as though roulette could be seen to be tilted against the player. But its worth remembering that the high odds have helped some lucky individuals enjoy some massive payouts due to the fortuitous spin of the roulette wheel.

Although such ambitious bets might not be the kind of thing that wed want to try the next time that we pay a visit to mobile roulette site like LadyLucks, there are other ways that we can try to keep the odds in our favour.

There have been systems developed like the Martingale system that aim to manage your money more effectively. But ultimately, unless the roulette wheel is biased, the house will always have an advantage that means a long-term roulette session will usually end in a players defeat.

This is why its often best to play roulette in short bursts and to know when to stop. So that whether youre aiming for a single numbers, odds or evens, blacks or reds, or even an entire row of numbers, youre not attempting to totally defy the universal laws of probability.

But perhaps the biggest reason why roulette has such an enduring appeal is the way that its inherent randomness means that even the most unlikely results can occur. So that whether its in a real-life casino or a roulette game on your smartphone, you truly never know how a roulette game will go.