Roulette Etiquette

Roulette: Etiquette
by Wilson of

Roulette etiquette is a matter of knowing when to place your bets, how to place your bets, and how to conduct yourself amongst the other players while at the table. Usually the dealer will allow players a minute or more to place all of their wagers. After a minute has passed the dealer will spin the roulette wheel and then take the little white ball and spin it in the opposite direction that the wheel is traveling. As long as the ball is spinning at a rapid pace players may continue to place bets. However, when the ball begins to slow down the dealer will wave his hand back and forth over the table and announce no more bets please.

Unlike craps where there are several bets that only the dealers can make, roulette leaves room for the players to actually place all of their own bets. In this case its important to be extremely careful when placing your chips on the table. With so many players usually occupying a roulette table there is a chance that players will bump other chips out of position when they place their own chips. Casinos have grown accustomed to keeping a close eye on chip placement as the slightest adjustment can cost the casino or a player, literally, thousands of dollars.


For example, if a player has placed a $100 (black) chip on the number 32 as a straight up bet (payoff of 35 to 1) and another player accidentally bumps that chip to the edge line then the bet becomes an 11 to 1 payoff as now the $100 chip looks like its wagered on three numbers instead of the 32 only. Meanwhile, the player who wagered $100 on the 32 is at first ecstatic when the number hits, but then angry after learning the payoff is not what he expected. Although, most casinos honor the customers argument and after all, they do have everything on camera anyway, so if this does happen to you dont fret, just be patient and always be nice or they will show you the door!

Most casinos have plenty of roulette tables available for play. Roulette tables offer different color tokens or chips to differentiate the players from one another, and its not unusual to see white, blue, light blue, pink and other colors spread out over the layout. If you are a novice roulette player dont let the chip traffic at the table scare you away- its just a way to help the dealer sort everything out.

Always be on the look out for free stuff, especially while you are gambling as most casinos will give out buffet vouchers, slot machine plays, or show tickets to those players who have been playing for a certain amount of time at any given table. Ive found that it helps to be nice and genuinely respectful to all casino employees. Nice guys finish last isnt always the case in Vegas, AC, or other casinos as they would rather give you a $10-$20 dinner in return for your potential loses, which in most cases favor the house. Roulette usually allows players the time to relax in-between spins thus giving them time to work the pit boss or floor manager for steak and lobster! Luck to ya.