Soccer Betting: Point Spread vs. Money Line

Soccer Betting: Point Spread vs. Money Line
by Jason Green of

Many people wonder if the handicap is the better play to make than the money line. It is usually the case that the handicap, or spread, is a better betting value, you can get info on both soccer bets with this article.

The money line is how soccer odds are usually posted, which is referred to as 1X2. With this money line bet you have three betting options, which are betting on the home team to win (1), betting on the draw (X), or betting on the away team to win (2). For example odds for an Italian Series A game would look like:

AC Milan – 2.5
AS Roma 2.5
Draw – 3.2

To win this bet, you have to pick the winning team or if the game will end in a draw. If you bet on AC Milan and the game ends in a 1-1 draw then you will lose your bet. This can be a nerve-wracking bet, as around 1/3rd of all soccer matches will end in a draw.


Many bettors in North America are not very comfortable with the thought of losing a bet if the game ends up in a tie. Less people would play the game of Blackjack if the dealer would win a tie bet (push) and the same goes for the sport of soccer.

In Asia, where soccer betting is huge, they feel the same way and have done something about it. Street bookies in Asia came up with a type of wagering, which is called Hang Cheng, or how we know it Asian Handicapping. Even though Asian handicapping is a little more difficult to understand, it is basically a type of point spread. An Asian handicapping odds bet on a soccer match looks like:

Arsenal +0 1.909
Manchester United +0 1.909

This is the same type of bet as the money line, but the draw is not in the bet. If the game you bet on using an Asian handicap ends in a draw the wager will be seen as a push and the money that you bet will be returned to you. However, when you take the draw out of the equation you are increasing your chances to win, so you will not get odds as good as when the tie is in play. The propositions are listed with the spread along with the money line, even when there is none, as is the case in this example (+0′).

If you want to increase your odds take the money line, but remember your payout will not be as good if you win the bet. If you want to win more money or bet on a draw then use the money line when soccer betting.