World Cup Groups

World Cup Groups
by Jason Green of

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The World Cup groups are set for next summer in South Africa and while some teams were happy with their groups other were not. If you are wondering what group your team is in, you’ve come to the right place. Here you will find the groups and some tid-bits on each group and how they may play out. The rankings are based on the current FIFA rankings.

Group A – South Africa, Mexico, Uruguay, France

Man, how did France luck out so much? First they were not in the best pool of the strongest teams to be picked, before the groups were chosen, but South Africa was since they are the host and France drew them. Second, they barely got in after questionable hand-ball that was not called in their last WC qualifying match against Ireland. This is still not an easy group to get out of with France ranked 7th, Mexico ranked 15th, Uruguay ranked 19th, and South Africa ranked 86th.

Group B – Argentina, Nigeria, South Korea, Greece.

Argentina is the strongest in this group even though they had a tough time in the qualifying stages. Nigeria is ranked 22nd in the world and tends to play well in the World Cup. South Korea should not make much noise and Greece is a dangerous team that is very unpredictable.

Group C – England, USA, Algeria, Slovenia.

England is the big gun in this group, as it looks as if the race in this group will be for 2nd place. The USA has been in killer groups in the last few World Cups, but this time they have a legit shot to get out, especially if they can beat Algeria and Slovenia, which are two teams they have never played.

Group D – Germany, Australia, Ghana, Serbia.

Germany was drawn into one of the weakest groups, as Serbia is the only team that may give them some trouble. Australia is ranked 21st, but they are not as good as their ranking and Ghana is ranked 37th and is not expected to make it out of group play.

Group E – Netherlands, Japan, Cameroon, Denmark.

Netherlands may have some trouble in this group, as if was not for Group G this would be the Group of Death. Denmark looked great in qualifying, Cameroon is strong and currently ranked 11th in the world, and even though Japan is only ranked 43rd they are a dangerous squad.

Group F – Italy, New Zealand, Paraguay, Slovakia.

Defending champion Italy is in a group with first time World Cup entry New Zealand and Paraguay and Slovakia, who both looked good in qualifying matches.

Group G – Brazil, North Korea, Ivory Coast, Portugal.

This has to be the Group of Death with Brazil (ranked 2nd in the world) and 5th ranked Portugal, who made it to the semifinals in the last World Cup. North Korea is solid even though they are ranked 52nd in the world and Ivory Coast has a few players that play in the big leagues in Europe AND they are ranked 16th in the world.

Group H – Spain, Honduras, Chile, Switzerland

Spain drew a weaker group, as Switzerland is decent, but they did not play in a tough WC qualifying group. Chile was a surprise and they have a good squad, but they did not end qualifying well. Honduras is ranked 38th and they only finished 3rd in the North/Central America and the Caribbean region, which is not a strong reason to say the least.