BetAnySports Sportsbook Review – Marketing Code


Welcome to the Predictem review page for BetAnySports Sportsbook! Here you’ll find a comprehensive list of all this great online bookie has to offer! For starters, they offer what we believe is the best wagering value in the industry: reduced odds wagering! If you’re not familiar with the term, we’d be more than happy to explain it to you.

“Reduced juice” means that you’re getting to bet on the game at a discount. Most online sportsbooks require that you lay -110. At BetAnySports, you lay only -105. Still confused? We’ll give you an example:

Sportsbook A offers traditional wagering at -110. This means that you lay (risk) $1.10 for every $1 that you’re trying to win.

At BetAnySports, you bet only $1.05 to win that very same $1!

While 5 cents doesn’t sound like a big deal, it is when you pencil it out and it’s even bigger when you factor in the long term savings. Let’s take a look at what you’d be saving by betting at -105 rather than the standard -110.

Let’s say that you’re a $100 game bettor. This means that you’re risking $110 to win $100 on every game that you bet. A typical college football Saturday consists of around 5 bets. This means that you’re laying $550 to win $500. As you can see, the “vig” is $50. Assuming you’re like most gamblers, you’re going to bet around 5 games on NFL Sunday and the MNF game as well. This calculates to risking another $660 to win $600 (another $60 in vigorish).

In total, you make 11 bets per weekend, risking a total of $1210 to win $1100. This adds up to $110 in vigorish

If you were betting those 11 games at -105 odds, you would have risked $105 x 11 games = $1155, a savings of $55!

But wait! We’re not done! There’s 14 weeks of college football plus bowl games and there’s 17 weeks of NFL plus playoffs. If you saved $55/week for 16 weeks, this amounts to $880! There’s a lot that you could do with 880 bucks! (Like bet it on the Super Bowl!) Info:

Phone Number: 1-800-604-5922 (Offers live online chat as well)
Customer Service Email:
In Business Since: 2002 (Vietbet)(BAS brand started in 2010)
Location: Costa Rica
Minimum Deposit: $50 by credit card. $100 by money transfer service.
Banking: Credit cards, person to person money transfers (fees covered on deposits of $300 or more), Neteller, Moneybookers.
Signup Bonus: 20%
Minimum Bet: Online: $1. Phone: $50

More Reasons to Play There: With over 1000 different wagering options on any given day, “BAS” has the largest selection on the web! Got home late from work and missed the kickoff? No problem! Bet Any Sports offers LIVE in game betting! As expected, they offer wagering on college and pro football, NBA and NCAA basketball, MLb baseball, golf, tennis, soccer, NASCAR, boxing, UFC, MMA, rugby, lacrosse, volleyball and more. Bet types offered includes straight wagers, sides, totals, IF Bets, parlays, teasers, rogressives, round robins, reverses and prop bets.

BAS is a GREAT bookie for MLB bettors as they offer 5 cent overnight lines and 10c daily lines. They also offer “alternative lines” where you can make either the favorite or underdog +1.5, +2.5, -1.5 or -2.5 runs! They’re also a great option for horse bettors as they payout track odds +10% for all win/exotic wagers!

Other Notes of Interest: Sister book of Vietbet (in business since 2002). Offers lightning quick payouts! One dollar minimum bet makes this sportsbook a great option for recreational players. They also offer casino games for as little as five cents a game!