Choosing a Sportsbook: Why You Should Place Your Bets at These 5 Betting Sites

Choosing an Online Sportsbook: Reasons Why You Should Place Your Bets at These 5 Betting Sites
by Buzz, Industry Insider

When a guy makes the jump from the local bookie to an online sportsbook, there are tons of questions one should ask before sending their hard earned loot into cyber space. This page was created to inform you of the best possible options as well as provide a recommended list of places that will pay you should you win. Yes, there are books operating out there that are compleste shams/scams. Sad but true.

Most online bookmakers offer potential new clients a sign-up bonus. An example of such is depositing $100 and getting $100 free. Another example may be a 50% bonus where you can deposit $500 and get $250 free. These are GREAT offers. Where else can you get free money? It’s not entirely free though, as you must “roll it over”, meaning that you must wager your deposit + bonus amount “X” amount of times before you’re eligible to make a withdraw. Most sportsbooks will also require that you’re not eligible for a withdraw for anywhere from 30-60 days on top of the rollover. Let’s take a look at an example of a 50% bonus:

A guy gets offered a 50% bonus on his deposit of $500 or less. He then deposits $500 into an offhsore sportsbook account. The book then credits him with 50% extra, which is $250. His total account balance before he places his first bet is now $750. Congrats! You just scored $250 FREE!

Now for the rollover… Let’s say the book requires you to “roll it over” 10x. This means that you have to places $750 in wagers, 10 times. $750 x 10x = $7500 in wagers placed. If this book also has a no withdraw for 30 day rule, you also have to wait out this period before asking for your cash.

Sign-up bonuses are a wonderful promotion is you’re a decent to good handicapper. However, they aren’t the best promo out there.

The best promotion running is “reduced juice”. This is a fancy nickhame for discounted odds. Almost all bookies charge their clients -110 odds. There are a few online bookies out there that have undercut the market and offer their bets at -105 odds.

For those not familiar with odds, they work like this:

-110 odds means you lay $110 to profit $100. The extra “juice” (aka: vigorish) is the house commission. You only pay this when you lose. Should you win a wager, you get your staked/risked amount back plus the profit. With reduced juice/discounted odds -105, you only lay $105 to profit that very same $100.

Many would prefer the 50% signup bonus, but this is foolish. The bonus gives you a one time bang of $250. Reduced juice is a gift that keeps on giving! If you’re a $100 bettor, you’re essentially saving $5 every time you place a bet. It only takes 50 bets to break even with the 50% bonus. MOST football bettors make 50 wagers by Week 6 of the NFL season! And that’s not even including if you’re a college football or basketball bettor!

Listed below, we highlight 5 ROCK SOLID online sportsbooks that offer great welcome bonuses, reduced odds, live betting, trustworthiness, fast payouts and more.

5Dimes – As noted above, there are a few bookmakers out there that offer discounted betting odds. This company is THE BEST! The size of their wagering menu is unparalled. They offer everything from the main sports to snooker to betting on the little league world series. If it’s betable, you’ll find it here. They’ve been around forever, are trustworthy and they pay lightning fast! We’ve advertised them since 2001 and haven’t had one complaint! Highly recommended!

Bovada Sportsbook – These guys offer one of the biggest welcome bonuses on the web. Most rock solid books that have been around for as long as Bovada don’t offer such generous bonuses so this is a tremendous offer. They offer a ton of options to deposit money to your betting account, including credit cards. They also offer live Texas Hold’em vs. other players from around the world. One time I played against WSOP winner Jamie Gold there!

BetOnline – I’m absolutely in love with their live betting platform. They offer live-wagering on almost all major matchups each day. There is tremendous value in assessing a team’s motivation, how they matchup versus their opponent and how the weather is affecting a game. These are all variables that you’re not able to use if you’re making bets prior to a game starting. They too offer generous signup bonuses.

Sportbet – Note: This book is owned by the 5Dimes Group and they only allow you to have an account at either/or. This online bookmaker is a must have for those that play parlays. Their “Super Saver” promotion gives parlay bettors increased odds payouts. Most books pay 10-1 odds on 4 team parlays. You get 12.28 at Sportbet! It gets downright crazy on bigger parlays, such as a 10-teamer which most books pay 300-1. Sportbet pays 642-1! If you’re a gambler playing parlays every week of the football season, get rid of your cheap a** book and start taking advantage of these great odds TODAY!

Intertops – No frills here, just what is probably the most rock solid sportsbook on the internet. They’ve been around since the 1980’s. What more needs to be said? Your loot is safe here! They too offer a generous signup bonus, live betting and a huge wagering menu. Especially international sports wagering opportunities. We also like their loyalty program where you build up points where you hit thresholds and receive bonuses credited to your account. There is no limit on how much you can earn! Get paid to play!

In closing, I can’t even begin to tell you how many times we have come across people who tell us they play with a certain book which we know is either shady or risky. Don’t risk your money people. It’s not worth it. Take advantage of the web’s best offers and stick to the offshore joints recommended by industry insiders who have been around since the 90’s. You’ll be glad you did!