First Half Wagering Explained – Tips and Strategies

First Half Wagering Explained – Tips and Strategies
by Staff

As you may or may not know, almost all sportsbooks offer betting on the first half of baseball, basketball and football games. While first half wagers aren’t really near the top of our list of favorite types of wagers, they do indeed have some value in certain situations.

The first that comes to mind is in baseball. The game of baseball has changed so much! Back in the old days, a starter used to throw well over a hundred pitches assuming he was doing well. These days a pitcher seems to go only 5-6 innings, then, in comes a middle reliever or setup man and then the closer, regardless of how the starter did. It’s almost like managers are afraid of creating dead arms these days.


Gone are the days of Nolan Ryan, Tom Seaver and the complete game. Our point is that often times a baseball bet is made with huge emphasis on the starting pitcher. Well, if he only goes 5 innings and that’s assuming he’s going to have a good game, the rest of your bet relies on the bullpen which is somewhat of a crapshoot unless your an astute handicapper and are REAL familiar with the manager, how he uses his bullpen and who won’t see action because of recent overuse. Again, it’s somewhat of a crapshoot even if your familiar with these variables.

With all that being said, this is a great time to bust out with a first half wager. This way bet will likely be covered by the pitcher that you want to be covering it. A first half baseball wager covers the first five innings of the game. The score at the end of the fifth determines if your bet is a winner or loser.

Another case in which we’d consider a first half wager in either football or basketball would be a team that historically gets out to a fast start and a nice lead.

There are many teams that come to mind that are great at establishing first half leads using their starting units. If you study team trends closely you will find out who these teams are and you can use these tidbets as golden nuggets at the betting window.

Almost all online bookies offer first half wagers. Check out our list of reputable sportsbooks to find one that suits your needs.