Neteller Review

Neteller is a service that allows bettors to transfer funds from their bank or a credit card to an online sportsbook. Note: No longer serving Americans/Canadians.

Depending on the transfer method you choose, this service can be anywhere from instant to 2-3 business days with their “InstaCash” option being instant and electronic funds transfers where you move money from your checking account to your Neteller account taking two to three days.

Once funds are available in your Neteller account your able to move funds to the online sportsbook or casino of your choice which happens instantly. How fast the funds get credited to your betting account all depends on the sportsbook or casino you sent the funds to. Many are instant and others take a few minutes while others require a phone call to be alerted that you’ve sent them funds.

Withdrawing is just as easy. All you do is go to your sports betting account and request a withdrawal using the Neteller option. Some sportsbooks charge a $10-$15 fee for doing so while others do not. Terms vary from betting site to betting site.

Once your funds have been transferred to your Neteller account, your able to have those sent to you by electronic funds transfer (usually takes 2 days to hit your bank account), bank wire, check via Fedex or regular mail ($11 for Fedex/$2 for regular mail) or you can apply for the Neteller ATM card and take money out of your Neteller account from one of the many zillions of ATM’s around the world. You can also transfer funds to other Neteller members in what’s called “Peer to Peer” transfers.

There’s no fee for sending cash to merchants. You can do the peer to peer option at no cost as well, however the receiver will be assessed a 2% fee.


Accounts are FREE to sign up for. Neteller offers their service to many countries
around the world including Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Japan and Mexico.

How solid are they? No worries, their a publicly traded company that is traded on the London AIM stock exchange. They’ve been in business for many years (since 1999) and handle transactions very securely.

Wondering where their located? They make it no secret that their at: 4th Floor, 1 Circular Road, Standard Bank Building, Douglas, Isle of Man. They also have offices in many other places around the world including: Canada, England, China and Costa Rica.

On top of offering their great easy to use money transfer service they offer you NETPoints (10 for each $1 that gets transferred through your account) in which you can use these points to enter weekly, bi weekly and monthly drawings in which some fairly hefty cash prizes are awarded. If your wondering those drawings are b.s., their not, we know people who’ve won them! Note: They also offer a refer a friend program. One lucky winner grabs $10K each quarter just for referring their buddies to sign up!

Credit cards don’t work very well for online gambling sites because banks block the transactions. Going to your local Western Union is a pain in the butt too. Lastly, going to the bank and having money orders/cashiers checks drawn and waiting for them to get mailed or Fedex’d to your favorite sportsbook can be excruciating.

Try out Neteller and end the hassle of depositing funds to online sportsbooks today! Almost all online gambling sites accept this method of payment which makes for “easy moving of your money” around to different betting establishments.

Questions? Call 1-86-NETELLER or email