2008 EPT Hungarian Open – Season V Final Table Recap

2008 EPT Hungarian Open – Season V Final Table Recap
by Chad Holloway of Predictem.com

The 2008 European Poker Tour’s Hungarian Open final table took place at the Sofitel Atrium in Budapest with the following players and chip counts:

Zoltan Toth: 1,059,000
Cyprian Hrisca: 1,038,000
Albert Iversen: 1,017,000
William Fry: 572,000
Johnny Lodden: 500,000
Gino Alacqua: 466,000
Marino Serenelli: 357,000
Martin Jacobson: 306,000

The first elimination came when Lodden raised to 55,000, and Toth called. Fry re-raised to 152,000, while Jacobson, Iversen and Lodden all called. The flop came Jd 8c 2d and Jacobson moved all-in. Both Lodden and Toth called. Lodden held pocket kings, Jacobson the 10d 7d, and Toth the Ad Kd. The turn was the 7h and the river the 9s and Jacobson took down the pot with a straight, eliminating Lodden in eighth place for 53,200. As the extreme short stack, Toth was the next to go when he was all-in pre-flop with a 6-2 against Alacqua’s A-2 and Iversen’s Q-10. The board read 8s 4c 3h Qh 3s and Toth was knocked out by Iversen’s top pair, cashing for 78,736.

The eliminations kept coming when Hrisca min raised pre-flop and Alacqua went over the top all-in for 272,000. Both Iversen and Hrisca called, and the flop came Jh 10h 8c. After Hrisca checked, Iversen bet 240,000 and Hrisca called. It went check-check on the turn (Js) and the river (9h). Alacqua’s Ad 10s fell victim to Hrisca’s Ac Qs and he was eliminated in sixth place, taking home 100,016. Next, Serenelli raised to 85,000, while Fry re-raised to 140,000. Serenelli called and the flop came the Qh 7h 6s. After Serenelli checked, Fry bet 90,000 and was called. The turn was the 2d, Serenelli checked and Fry pushed all-in. Serenelli called with the 8d 5c for a busted straight draw. He did not improve when the 7d fell on the river and was eliminated in fifth place by Fry’s Jh 6d, earining himself 127,680. Iversen was the next to go when he shoved all-in for 317,000 with the 7c 9c. Fry called with the 8s 8d and won the pot when the board came Kc 10s 5d 7h 6c. Iverson won 153,216 for his fourth place finish.

A little later on, Hrisca and Jacobson checked down a flop of Kh 6h 3c. When the turn brought the 8h Hrisca bet 100,000 and Jacobson called. The river was the Ks and Hrisca moved all-in, while Jacobson called with an 8-10 for two pair; however, it was not good enough to beat Hrisca’s flush with the 10h 2h. Jacobson was eliminated in third place and won 197,904 for his efforts. After a few heads-up hands, Fry held 2,781,000 in chips to Hrisca’s 2,458,000. The final hand occurred when Hrisca bet 150,000 pre-flop and Fry raised to 650,000. Hrisca went all-in with the Ac 6d and was called by Fry, who held a pair of Jacks. The final board read Qs 10d 6c Kc Qc and Hrisca was eliminated in second place, for which he won 342,608, while Fry became the first EPT Hungary champion and took home the 595,839 first place prize.

The following is a list of the 10th-43rd place finishers:

10th: Sebastian Saffari 32,984
11th: Robin Keston 23,408
12th: Menno Antonius Bussinik 23,408
13th: Simeon Tsonev 17,024
14th: Oleg Korotkov 17,024
15th: Casey Kastle 12,768
16th: Christophe Haller 12,768
17th: Lukas Benkovic 10,640
18th: Jari-Pekka Juhola 10,640
19th: Micha Hoedemaker 10,640
20th: Offer Golko (Israel) 10,640
21st: Denis Volkov (Russia) 10,640
22nd: Tibor Tolnai (Hungary) 10,640
23rd: Alexander Kravchenko (Russia) 10,640
24th: Nicolo Calia (Italy) 10,640
25th: Pantelis Pavlis (Greece) 8,512
26th: Pasquale Braco (Italy) 8,512
27th: Dwayne Stacey (UK) 8,512
28th: Mauro Corsetti (Italy) 8,512
29th: Tommi Etelapera (Finland) 8,512
30th: Christophe Wemebelke (France) 8,512
31st: Janek Schleicher (Germany) 8,512
32nd: Nicholas Maieritsch (USA) 8,512
33rd: Ofir Abramovivi (Israel) 7,448
34th: Dave Hardy (UK) 7,448
35th: Robert Firestone (USA) 7,448
36th: Jacek Ladny (Poland) 7,448
37th: Brice Cournut (France) 7,448
38th:Rikard Englund (Sweden) 7,448
39th: Milan Andrejkovics (Hungary) 7,448
40th: Severin Walser (Switzerland) 7,448
41st: Szabolcs Attila Saskoy (Hungary) 6,384
42nd: George McKeever (Ireland) 6,384
43rd: Symeon Pyrakis (Greece) 6,384